February 24

Your data is safe with BuzzMasters


buzzmasters news your data is safe with us

When investing into video production, you want to be certain that any data collected is safe from loss. Click To Tweet To address this, BuzzMasters has invested in a multi-layered data retention strategy.

Layer 1: As a video is being filmed, it is typically only recorded to the in-camera storage. To add a layer of redundancy, BuzzMasters has added external recording devices to our cameras to ensure that all data exists in more than one place immediately at the moment of recording.

Layer 2: The time between filming something and backing it up is very sensitive because the data typically only exists in a limited number of places. BuzzMasters protocol is to immediately manage data following shoot days where the raw footage is uploaded onto our main post-production computer at our studio and then backed up onto the new RAID server we installed in February. The RAID server ensures that any data it contains can be reproduced if there is ever a hard drive failure.

Layer 3: Once the data has been backed up to the PC and the RAID server, it’s safe to remove it from the in-camera storage and the external recording devices but to be certain we never lose any data we also do off-site redundant back-ups of all data using a third-party service provider who does their own backups to ensure their copies of our data are absolutely never lost.

You might not have considered how critical data handling is to the success of your production project before but hopefully, this gives you a peek into the level of consideration and protection BuzzMasters brings to our process in order to ensure your production project is a success.

Had a production project run amok in the past? Was it related to lost data? Tell us about it in the comments!

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