June 19

YMCA: Angela’s Story


The YMCA is a firm believer in community and supporting the individuals within in a diversity of ways. For some people, it can be a life-changing experience and the YMCA wanted to share those stories. 

BuzzMasters worked with the YMCA to develop a series named “Y Stories” to share the personal experience of individuals affected by the YMCA in a meaningful way while also sharing the diverse facilities and programs offered by the Y. The first of which told the story of Angela, who had suffered a great loss and through her determination, worked through a dark time in her life using the Y as a catalyst. 

In coordination with the YMCA and Angela, BuzzMasters delved into her story and created a storyboard of shots to use with her interview, ensuring the shots, style, and framing adhered to the narrative and tone of her story. This short emotional piece premiered during the YMCA’s Strong Kinds Breakfast, emotionally moving the audience.

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