October 11

Why Recruiters are Turning to Video to Attract Top Talent


It’s more difficult than ever to attract the right talent for your company. Not only are you competing with other companies for great candidates, but qualified candidates often have the luxury of choosing between multiple offers as well. Faced with these challenges, companies need a dynamic way to make sure that their job posting stands out. This is why recruiters are now turning to video to attract the talent their company needs.

Why video? Here are five reasons why:

You Instantly Stand Out

Right off the bat, incorporating video into your recruitment campaign means you instantly stand out. According to CareerBuilder’s internal data, job postings that incorporate video receive a 34% greater application rate. With video, you’ll be able to incorporate strong, visual communication to sell the position to potential candidates, and prove that the position is worth their time. 

Videos will help boost your SEO efforts, further helping your job posting stand out. Google’s internal algorithm ranks content under relevancy by analyzing both text and visuals like video. If your recruitment page is varied, captivating, and informative, Google is more likely to rank your recruitment page highly.

Your Recruitment Costs Go Down

Why pay to advertise your job posting when you can have your audience do it for you? With video recruitment, this is entirely possible. According to WordStream, videos generate 1200% more shares than content with text and still images; in other words, your recruitment video is much more likely to be passed around to different viewers, at no extra cost to you. When you consider the fact that filling a position can potentially cost a company between $1300 to $5000, being able to leverage free advertising can translate to thousands of dollars in savings. 

You Can Showcase Your Company

One of the biggest advantages of incorporating a video recruitment process is that you’re able to showcase your company in the best light possible. With video, you can tell the story of your company in a visually compelling way that gives potential candidates a glimpse of what your company culture has to offer. About 46% of job seekers state that they evaluate a company’s culture when they’re looking for a job; with video, you’ll be able to present yourself as an attractive option for these potential candidates. 

The key, of course, is to be as authentic as possible when you’re crafting your video. Yes, you absolutely want to present your company in the best way possible, but nothing turns a candidate away faster than finding out that a company is inauthentic. Your video recruitment campaign should reflect your company’s core values and beliefs and give candidates an idea of the types of personalities that work there without sacrificing the quality of the video itself. 

The Training Process Speeds Up

Outside of recruitment, you can use video to greatly speed up the training process. Videos are a  great way to use visuals to onboard new recruits and are especially useful for candidates who are working remotely. Remote workers in particular will need to have a way to easily access their training video at any time; this cuts down on the amount of time they need to spend on trying to find a real-life person to talk to. 

Another advantage of using videos for training is that videos can ensure that new recruits are trained uniformly across the board. A human trainer won’t train a new recruit in the the exact same way each time; they may forget to bring up important information or teach processes that deviate from the company standard. By providing training videos, you can ensure that your new recruits will get the same information each and every time. Just don’t forget to update them when needed.

You Can Take Advantage of Mobile Devices

An increasing number of job seekers are choosing to look for jobs on their mobile devices; about 28% of job seekers said that they searched for jobs in this fashion. Furthermore, 50% of all mobile traffic comes from video alone. With video, you’ll be able to reach more candidates, increasing the diversity of applicants from a global pool of talent. 

Your Recruitment Campaign Needs Video

By incorporating video into your recruitment campaign, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd while lowering recruitment costs. You can showcase your company in the best light possible and take advantage of mobile devices. On top of all that, you’ll be able to speed up the training process after you hire your ideal candidate.

Do you use video in your recruitment process? Did you find them effective? What are your success stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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