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Why it’s so important to show your team’s faces in brand videos

buzzmasters why include your team faces in brand videos

One of the many changes a worldwide pandemic ushered into the marketing world focuses on the individual and their story. Hearing and telling one’s story has become an effective strategy to cope with the almost universal suffering. By zeroing on individual experiences, the human face has become a symbol of survival and has enabled us to become connected in ways we never expected. 

How do human faces translate into a profitable marketing strategy?  COVID has stripped away the superficial layers that once padded marketing strategies, and the desire to see the people behind the story, product or service, has become widely embraced. 

COVID has stripped away the superficial layers that once padded marketing strategies, and the desire to see the people behind the story, product or service, has become widely embraced. Click To Tweet

Including your team in company videos is also significant because: 

  1. Faces and their expressions help us to understand messaging. Our brains anchor themselves to the facial expressions that those in person, or digitally, make. It’s the first thing the brain needs to understand. Having a person explain a product or service as opposed to an anonymous narrator helps to create ties to whatever we are looking at, in turn reinforcing a connection to an item or brand.
  2. There’s a brain circuit that exists solely to recognize human faces, making it the first thing the brain notices. Think of human faces like a highlighter for your brain because it immediately draws the eye in, leading focus to whatever your video is highlighting.
  3. Faces create relationships, and that’s why consistency is critical. The sense of familiarity created from seeing the same faces again and again in company videos on digital platforms helps foster long-term relationships with customers. There’s a far greater chance for brand loyalty when customers feel like they know your people and, by extension, your brand.
  4. It unifies the team. Including team members in the company videos show them that they’re valuable and that their contributions are essential to acknowledge. 

At one point or another, we’ve all felt that we’re just cogs in the wheel of life. However, the recent shift in focusing on the human presence within a business’ branding highlights how effective a human face can connect with customers. Human faces help facilitate conversation and comfort with a brand, its products, and services. 

How to Engage Hesitant Team Members in Videos

Sure, the human face helps brands connect with audiences, but what happens when your team is less than enthused about participating?

  1. Develop a Social Media Policy handbook. From what’s ok for employees to post online to the types of images the company’s social media channels intend to share, show your employees you’re being diligent and informing them appropriately when it comes to their portrayal in videos as well as other marketing collateral. 
  2. Treat it as a celebration of the team. Every team member contributes to the products, services, and overall brand, and the public wants to see that. Putting a spotlight on a specific employee or a team can help drive internal engagement. Also, featuring a team member and sharing it on their social media widens the video’s audience exponentially.
  3. Show your team how fun and easy sharing on social media is. Often, the least technologically-savvy team members will be reticent to get involved with anything to do with social media because it’s so foreign to them. With the use of clearly laid out instructions, typically posted on an internal communications hub, participating and sharing video content has never been easier. 
  4. Lead by example. Setting an example is critical for marketing directors, human resources professionals, and C-suite executives! Social media in general, and especially participating in company videos, is not a, do as I say, not as I do strategy. When leadership participates in company videos, a precedent is set, encouraging every team member to join. 

Are there any videos that you’ve seen an organization create that do a great job of featuring team members and their stories, as well as driving customer action? 

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