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When brand perception is a priority and DIY just won't cut it, level up your brand communications with BuzzMasters.





Video Production Services for Brands

Save yourself the risks and frustrations of in-house video production; work with a reputable and professional video production  team instead.

buzzmasters welcomes lauren bennie full time as editor and studio custodian

Professional and reputable team

When DIY or a solo videographer won’t cut it

Our team is composed of production professionals specializing in:

  • scripting 
  • production management 
  • directing 
  • cinematography 
  • lighting 
  • rigging 
  • audio and video editing, and more

When your production project calls for a crew or you just want to ensure the best quality, we have you covered.

Aerial Photography

Risk-free aerial photography services that protect you

Beyond being talented aerial cinematographers, our drone pilots are all Transport Canada-licensed Advanced UAV Pilots and all flights are registered with Nav Canada to avoid putting you at risk. 

buzzmasters studio panoramic photo

Professional Studio

Professional green screen chroma key cyclorama sound studio

Our in-house studio enables our team to produce extremely dynamic works for you. It is equipped with professional lighting and sound dampening. With this studio, we’re given near limitless possibilities in creative approaches to projects, from simple talking-head style videos to full video compositing work.

Professional Gear

Cinematic camera, lenses, and more

BuzzMasters owns multiple 35mm 6K cinematic camera bodies, cinematic lenses, specialized lighting and rigging gear to ensure that our team can overcome all technical obstacles to produce the highest quality work for you on time, every time. Our crew is already researching and training with new equipment and techniques to keep their results top-of-the-line.

Professional Editing

Efficiency and quality are paramount

Our studio houses multiple editing booths that are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and software to ensure an efficient editing process and high-quality products for you. Whether it’s detailed colouring or dynamic motion graphics, we have the software and techniques to do it.

Data Security

Protecting your production investment

Benefit from our stringent data handling policies which protect your production investment by ensuring data exists redundantly at every phase of the project. You can also opt-in to our data retention offer to have us retain the raw production footage for repurposing later.


You've got questions, we've got answers.

How are production dates scheduled?

Depending on the scope of work our team might require multiple shoot days on-site to complete the production phase. In order to minimize costs, it is important that our work can be done efficiently without, as we like to say, having to turn the lights on and off too many times. Travel and accommodation costs along with time lost to load in/out, set up/teardown, are areas we want to avoid any and all unnecessary costs.

Will this service impact our regular operations?

Yes. It is important that we can get the perfect shot so any proprietary information or materials should be put out of sight by a subject matter expert (SME) available on set with our team at the time of the shoot. We might also require you to run processes through a few times to get the best take. Needless to say, having our team and gear on set, requiring trade secrets to be obscured at the time of production, and potentially running through processes multiple times will undoubtedly affect your regular operation. Your BuzzMasters production manager will work with you to ensure you are well prepared for our team to be on site for production.

What is professional editing?

Professional editing simply means that we are assigning a editing specialist with the right tools to produce the final multimedia products for you efficiently and with ultimate regard for the quality of the final product.

What are revisions?

Revisions are minor changes in the post-production phase that don’t require us to return to pre-production or production. Typically, the first round of revisions/notes are requested with the delivery of the rough cut/assembly and the second round of revisions/notes are requested with the delivery of the fine cut.

What is a change?

Changes are requests which are outside the original scope of the project or requests which require us to reopen pre-production or production after sufficient opportunity was provided for the client to provide direction.

What happens if a change is required?

When a change is requested your account executive will issue a change order which will detail the requested changes, timeline impacts, and budget impacts for your approval. Changes are billed in whole immediately upon approval of the change order.


Check out what our customers have to say 

They’re very in tune with the needs of the project

" The most important metric for us as a nonprofit is that the video will serve as support for future applications to get funding from our ministries. We just did two reports last week and the video was included; it’s a key piece and will help us with our center’s ongoing operations."


Executive Director at Small Business Centre


Everything they do is beyond our expectations

" We were supposed to have six months of funding, and we went through it in two months. BuzzMasters assisted us in promoting the program in a very appropriate and aggressive manner; they got the message out there."


Executive Director at Innovation Centre


You just know that the leaders and principals are highly-engaged in the work

" The video for our biggest fundraiser gained thousands of views. There’s obviously an awareness that’s built in the direct amount of traction that they tend to have, based on the approach they take and the work they’re doing."


Education Executive

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