February 28

Is Video Marketing Actually Useful for Your Business?


With all of the various marketing channels available to businesses today, you might wonder whether or not branded video production is actually still useful for your efforts. It’s a tactic that’s been getting a lot of traction lately, but many are still skeptical about its effectiveness.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a worthy investment, it may appease you to learn about the benefits of video marketing today.

Video Can Be Integrated Into Other Marketing Efforts

When using video to market your business, you can actually use videos in a number of different ways. For instance, you could use them on your website and make your landing pages more enticing. Because of the popularity of video content in social media, you can also use your videos on social media platforms to get engagements.

You can create various cuts to fit different platforms as you need. If you create a concise video that gets people’s attention, you could even use it in an email campaign.

Online Users Respond More to Video

Many people interact with video content on the Internet more than they are with images and will spend more time watching videos than looking at pictures.

Videos may also be more persuasive than other types of content. If you have compelling videography and impactful spokespersons, you can bring in more attention from viewers who could potentially become leads.

Good video content can even capture attention without audio, as is evidenced by the high number of social media users that watch videos on their feed without unmuting them.

Search Engine Visibility Increases With Video

Because videos can be uploaded to website pages, blog posts, and social media platforms, they can increase your rank in search engine results with each new video that is posted.

In fact, YouTube alone is second alone to Google in terms of the queries received from users. On top of spreading the coverage of your brand, video marketing opens you up to virality.

It’s likely that you have already noticed that videos go viral a lot faster than other types of content. When people share your video content, they distribute your message across multiple channels and platforms.

You Have More Flexibility and Storytelling

Because video is much more flexible than other types of content, you have more options when it comes to how you choose to present your company. You have more than one way to present your video, depending on your budget, time, resources, and goals. The range is vast, from infographics to bits or how-tos and animations.

You also have more options when it comes to style. You can create more serious content that is informational, or you can make more entertaining videos that are more likely to go viral.

You Can Increase Conversions

With the right strategy, video marketing can increase how many people choose to convert, which can be huge for your bottom line. If a video is compelling, then it can be used to influence people to make an investment in your company, purchase your product, or even enlist in your services.

You will also gain a lot of information about your target audience by how they choose to watch your video content. This can significantly boost your marketing efforts as a whole to maximize your conversion rate.


With all of these benefits, it’s clear that if you’re looking to market your company effectively, then you will want to consider branded video production. With the right execution, you can see positive results right away.

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