October 17

The Value of Video in the Marketing of Your Business


The modern marketer’s most effective tool is quickly evolving to be video. According to statistics, video is the format that consumers choose most these days. On various platforms, Americans watch videos online on average for 8.5 hours per week. 

Every day, more than 1 billion hours are spent watching YouTube alone, and mobile views are growing at a rate of 100 percent. Viewers are increasingly using video for training as well as amusement. 

Seventy-two percent of individuals will select video when given the option between text and video. This number will undoubtedly rise as more people enroll in online institutions and more people use more all-purpose learning platforms like Lynda and Skillshare.

More information about the function of video in modern marketing can be found in the sections below.

Growth of Video Content

On Instagram, 400 million people watch stories each day, and video advertising is the most effective way to get new leads and conversions. It turns out that people don’t mind seeing Instagram stories advertising when the material is interesting. 

According to MarketingLand polls, 62 percent of respondents indicated they were interested in a product after reading about it in a story, and 50% stated they had previously made purchases as a result of reading similar stories. 

Additionally, a call to action heard in a video is 95% more likely to stick in viewers’ minds than one they have read. Additionally, Google’s algorithm favours video material more in its rankings. Videos have the best return on investment for marketers.

Video Marketing

Marketers and content producers have both been concentrating on video over the past few years. Consumers’ interactions with media have significantly changed due to the constant influx of fresh content driven by the necessity to stake a claim in the digital frontier. 

Currently, content only has 2.7 seconds to hold viewers’ attention before they choose to leave the page. More so than ever, attention spans are getting shorter and shorter with no end in sight. 

Users have developed this tendency to cope with the ever-invading online advertising techniques they must endure. As a result, the businesses in charge of these advertisements demand that they be optimized further, and social networks discover new, more invasive ways to deliver them to customers. 

This causes the viewer to adapt their defences, further undermining both their trust and reaction times.

The ability to watch videos passively may be a factor in their attractiveness. Videos deliver information in tidy, easy packaging that allows viewers to unwind and let the information come to them rather than hunting down articles or poring over books to find the information they’re looking for. 

YouTube and other video-sharing websites may be contributing to society’s sluggishness. Still, on the other hand, knowledge is power, and having access to the internet offers limitless chances for learning and employment.

How to Implement Video Marketing Successfully

Because advertisements are invasive and biased, audiences are sick of being marketed to. Because of this, marketers must approach content development differently. 

Instead of requesting favours from the audience, you might gain their trust by giving them access to your knowledge set.

Explainer videos that inform potential clients about your product or service might serve as instructional content. You might approach them as a tutorial and take advantage of the chance to answer any queries you expect your consumers will have. 

These explainer videos are excellent at allaying concerns and encouraging prospective customers to buy. However, videos can’t simply be about your product; you need to find other methods to become a part of the community.


A small budget is all that is needed to produce videos. The tools in the Adobe Creative Suite make it simple to create infographics and animations that merely contain text and images. Many high-quality photos and movies on stock websites may give your project a polished appearance. 

Although video offers excellent chances for reach and engagement, it’s crucial to adapt how it’s used to prevent permanently harming consumers’ attention spans and levels of trust.

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