Video is integral to a successful marketing strategy, and when information is successfully communicated, it drives action in both current and potential client bases. One way video truly shines is its ability to share the most complicated or heavy data in easily-digestible and engaging ways. 

The days of statistics-packed, wordy documents are long gone. Instead, consumers expect heavy data and complex information to be broken down into bite-sized, easy-to-understand, and engaging chunks of data, ready for consumption. Amidst the restrictions of COVID, video is no longer a bonus to a marketing strategy; it is a requirement.

Whether an organization is well-versed in the concept of video or simply delving deeper into the most effective ways to communicate with a variety of audiences it has, our video services can help customers tell stories and drive sales. Buzzmasters offers many options to suit any marketing strategy, especially when it comes to sharing heavy data. 

Back to Basics: How to Explain Heavy Data

Project management plays a significant role in our video production; every step must be taken deliberately from the development stages to post-production. Before considering any digital or technical aspects of educational, informational, or promotional videos, the first order of business is to understand the best ways to communicate to many audiences effectively. Information should be:

  • Presented simply and concisely. Break down each section into bite-size pieces with easily understandable language and supporting imagery. 
  • Sold like a story. Numbers and stats can be dizzying to the savviest consumer. Instead, organizations should shape the information into stepping stones that lead customers to solutions, making messages easier to follow and remember.
  • Accessible. Accessibility refers to the use of straightforward language and ensuring that information is appropriately accessible for customers with impairments or disabilities.
  • Well-produced and executed. Ditch the shaky phone camera and shoddy lighting because the production value is an essential factor in communicating information. Videos that are appropriately lit with superior sound quality and production value will attract viewers and keep them coming back for more. 

Why is Video Effective at Communicating Complex Information and Heavy Data?

  • Video communicates information in ways that stick with its audience. Suppose a viewer watches a video that breaks down confusing or highly detailed data into easy-to-understand information. If the viewer had a positive experience with the content, they’re more likely to keep coming back. Video fortifies relationships and establishes lasting connections. 
  • It’s accessible to a variety of audiences, not just in terms of diverse learning styles but also disabilities or impairments. Thanks to closed captioning and described video, more customers than ever before can be reached. Ensuring intellectual accessibility is an essential part of communicating complicated content and should be a part of the overall marketing strategy. 
  • Video is what customers want and need. The whole point of videos, and marketing in general, is to meet the needs of both the current and potential client bases.  Customers expect videos to be a large part of any marketing strategy. They are looking to videos not simply as advertorial content but also as a way to foster community and connection through stories and information. By harnessing video and information power, brands can create powerful relationships that generate loyalty and build prominence within their industry. 

When it comes to communicating complicated or data-heavy information, what techniques do you find helpful? If you’d like more information about harnessing the power of story, even in heavy data videos, check out our video services here

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