January 17

5 Tips For Making Explainer Videos Customers Will Remember


An explainer video is a straightforward, effective way for a startup or new website to get its message across quickly. Did you know that most customers decide whether to stay on a website within 15 seconds? Thankfully, an explainer video could solve this problem. These videos are short and easy to write, but how should you create one that fits the bill?

Here are five tips on making an explainer video that’s persuasive and informative.

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Before you attempt to make a video, you must understand your audience. Who is it? What are their needs, their concerns, and their dreams? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it will be a waste of your time and effort to make an explainer video. The answers to these questions can be found by asking your target audience.

It’s essential, but it’s not all that tricky. All it takes is to ask your target audience the following:

  • Their age and gender
  • Their level of education
  • Their income
  • Their social position
  • Their search patterns and preferences

2. Involve Your Target Audience in the Creation Process

You can involve your target audience in the creation process in two significant ways.

The first is to find out what questions your audience has about your product or service and answer them in your video. However, it’s important to remember that your video should have an answer to one specific problem. It shouldn’t be overloaded with information.

The second is a bit more sophisticated. When you involve your target audience in the creation process, you’re using what’s called crowd-sourcing. It’s a way of getting feedback from your audience.

You’ll need to post a starting video introducing your product or service on your social media accounts. Then, ask your target audience to comment on your video and suggest what you should add or improve. You’ll get so much feedback from your target audience that you can create a great explainer video from it.

3. Have a Compelling Message

In what way does your product or service solve a problem? What does it deliver? Why should people use it? These are the questions you must answer in your explainer video.

Why should you make your explainer video if you can’t answer these questions? You don’t have to talk about everything about your product or service in your video. Just make sure you answer these three questions.

4. Add Visuals That Complement the Message

Remember that your target audience is bombarded with information every day. Even if your message has a compelling story, it will just fall on deaf ears if it doesn’t stand out. So, you’ll want to add visual elements that will complement your message.

Be it text, animation or images, your explainer video should have an effective way to show the message. It should tell a story that’s easy to follow and understand.

5. Add a Clear CTA

The most effective explainer videos have a clear call to action. What that means is that after watching your video, your audience should know what you want them to do. If you have a landing page, use a link to it. If you want your audience to subscribe to a newsletter, use an opt-in button.

The idea is to make your video so enticing that your audience would want to take action right after watching it.


To sum it up, it’s best to take an audience-first approach to explainer videos. Know who you’re making the video for, and then create a compelling and informative message that’s easy to understand. Finally, add visuals and a clear call to action to make your explainer video effective.

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