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Laying the foundation.

Social platforms come and go, change and stagnate, but one thing is constant: people love ‘em! We know all eyes are on social media and we can help you put your best foot forward consistently. The first thing we do is make sure your brand is on point across all platforms. And just because they exist, doesn’t mean you need to be on all social channels! We’ll sit down with you, outline your goals, and reflect them through a meaningful choice in channels.

It’s all part of the plan! 

Good content is important, so we develop a content strategy to help identify what to share with your audience and when. This plan is an overall user guide to leverage what you do best and what your audience wants across channels.

Talking the Talk. 

A big mistake people make is when their audience interact with them online, they sit back and smile, glad their content is working, but you have to keep the conversation active to entice more participation! But not just anything will work. It’s important to convey the right message in response and BuzzMasters has a trained team of PR specialists to give you a hand!

Great people who really kicked up our social media presence during a couple of events I've been connected with. Pre, during, and post event, the content and number of eyeballs on our events were dramatically increased over previous years. We connected with a new and engaged audience and couldn't have had the same reach without them. Highly recommended.

Jake Lacourse

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