April 9

Quarantine Quality Time Episode 3: Paul Meyers



The goal of the video series is to connect and inspire our community amidst uncertain times.


Hello everyone! Brandon here, welcome back today I have Paul Meyers from Clark Communications. He’s a local entrepreneur who has started some awesome shop local initiatives. How are you today, Paul?

Hey, excellent Brandon, how are you, buddy?

I’m good! I got a nice sleep last night.

You’re looking good. You’re looking good.

Thanks, man! You as well, you’ve got a sweet little background there.

Yeah, that’s my office, isn’t it awesome?


I love green screens. They make me feel so good!

So my first question for you today, Paul, is. How has the pandemic affected you and your workplace?

Yeah, I think much like everybody else Brandon, uh you know I know at Clark Communications they’ve pretty much closed down the office I think maybe just Scott uh and um my sister are there Cheryl. Uh, but pretty much that’s closed, everybody is working from home. You know we’re all in great communication with Slack and all of the awesome tools that that uh technology bring to us uh I can assure you at the end of all of this everybody is going to know Zoom very well. And I think business will change forever with the power of these tools because we can get a lot done without having to necessarily travel someplace. So it’s affected us much like it’s affected everybody else you know uh hand sanitizers everywhere uh. You know everybody is keeping their distance even I keep my dog when I walk him. I keep my dog away from other dogs who knows. Um, but we’ll get through this we’ll get through this. I mean it’s like anything I always say tough times don’t last tough people do and it’s just a matter of helping everybody out as much as you can neighbours, family, friends you know co-workers um uh your clients. It’s all about being there for them right this minute.

Absolutely and you started a new initiative shop local can you tell us a little about that?

Yeah, I just I just wanted to bring together uh local business owners and entrepreneurs into uh its a private Facebook group. I called it uh Support Local Business in North Bay. Because now more than ever and moving forward, we really need to support local people I understand Wal Mart employs a lot of people I understand some of these bigger organizations employ a lot of people. But small business owners make up the backbone of this community. Our Chamber of Commerce plays a super important role, uh in what in what were doing locally. So we I just thought that you know let’s let’s get this group going. Let’s get these business owners inside this group and let’s start sharing what’s working. And maybe what’s not working and any resources that that we can find that will help these local business owners I just wanted to kind of put it in one spot. Get as many business owners in there as possible or even entrepreneurs in there as possible. And uh, let’s start the dialogue let’s start communicating about about you know how how we’re running our business any sort of tips and tricks. I mean, I interviewed a fellow yesterday from Hillcrest Cabinets who who is taking their 3D printing machine. And are printing those face guards and is distributing them to the hospital. I believe at no charge. I mean, this what a great initiative. So that just might spring somebody else into action for something else. New Ontario Brewery is building out hand sanitizers. You like another great guy that’s part of the group so I I just think you can get a lot from all these entrepreneur minded business owners. And that’s why I’ve started this kind of Facebook group um for them. There’s no charge for it there’s no gimmicks to it it’s just let’s get our message out there how can we help each other and support each other’s businesses in these times and then as we go through these times.

Absolutely, and especially with a lot of businesses uh going digital in order to survive this time right now. Paul, you’ve been a champion since the beginning as soon as this started. You were making sure that all these small businesses were connecting and putting their voice out there to make sure that they’re heard.


And I can tell you right now, man, it’s greatly appreciated.

It’s important to engage these people. Like when I reached out to some of these business owners, they’re scared man, they don’t know what’s going to happen. I mean they have people they’ve employed and and they’re concerned for their families and they’re concerned for themselves so just reaching out just having that discussion say look what can I do? And that’s kind of what I’m hoping this group is maybe there’s someone in this group that can help somebody else and and vice versa. Very similar to the BNI formula where it’s businesses helping business grow and expand and really, it’s all about your network and your connections. I’d like to get you know two, three, four, five hundred businesses in this group and just the content and the engagement just to start to bring some great ideas to the table um is is kind of why I put that together. I always I always say I just move fairly quick I worry about mistakes later, and we just keep moving forward.

So Paul, what have you and your family been doing to stay happy and healthy throughout this?

I think my dog is so tired of walking. He’s kind of wondering what the heck this COVID thing is cause he’s getting walked man he he’s exhausted. So uh, that’s that’s kind of what we’re doing we’re just uh we’re doing you know a little bit more walking uh, I’m staying I’m trying to stay away from negativity like I don’t like to watch the news it doesn’t help me in any way. Uh, I will find out being online when COVID is over I don’t need to be watching it I you know it’s only going to you know I just so I try to stay outside of those things. And try to focus on positive stuff now is the time to build a skill set now is the time to more reading now is the time to get get better um you know personally right, take that course you’ve always wanted to take read that book you’ve always wanted to read. You know, do something internally, right.

That’s awesome, yeah, personal development is always key right always be growing. What’s your PSA for the community right now?

We need to stay home and kill this in a short period of time as possible.


The longer we get out in the community and start visiting things and doing things, the worse this is going to get the longer it’s going to be.

It’s not the time to be that person like don’t risk our front line workers don’t put those people in that position. I mean, their employers are investing in plexiglass and everything, but that’s still it’s not doing it. You know they’re still interacting with these individuals. You’re in a shared space. Is there anything else you would like to mention before we sign off Paul?

No just uh you know again I always kind of try to end these things with you know tough times don’t last tough people do so stay home stay safe everybody, uh we will get through this um it’s just a matter of time and uh the more we can stay home the quicker we will get through this. So I I uh appreciate your time uh Brandon you’re doing an awesome job, so keep it up good work.

Thank you, Paul

Okay, thanks so much talk to you after.



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