April 2

Quarantine Quality Time Episode 2: Peter Chirico



The goal of the video series is to connect and inspire our community amidst uncertain times.


Hello everybody! Welcome back, Brandon here from BuzzMasters today I have with me Peter Chirico from the North Bay & District Chamber of Commerce how are you today Peter?

I’m excellent thanks for having me today, Brandon uh so good to see you via uh computer anyways good to see that you’re doing well and healthy and uh following all of those orders from our health professionals of staying isolated and uh at least the social distancing.

Absolutely likewise, Peter, so my first question for you today is, what have you seen in response to this pandemic that has inspired you in some way?

Just people, in general, um the caring attitude the uh wanting to help wanting to to to be able to do something for the rest of the people in our community. Those are the things that uh we’re seeing daily, uh you know from from our members at the chamber from neighbours from family from all sorts of uh different places. And and via the news etcetera, but uh, I try to stay away from the news as much as possible. But uh certainly, there’s some some great stories out there and people just working together because uh we haven’t faced this in a long time or if we have we just didn’t know about it. Um and now working together to get through this uh because we don’t know the breadth uh the length uh how this is going to play out, but certainly, we know what we’re faced with right today.

Absolutely but it’s nice to see everybody coping so well and engaging just like we are right now right, so it’s keeping people connected.

That’s exactly it and and keeping connected through these times where the, uh you know the social isolation social distancing I think is important and and it’s important to remember that uh we as uh humans and citizens of our city etc. We have to be kind to each other we have to reach out to each other we have to take care of each other. Uh because it’s it’s important for our survival number one, it’s important for people’s mental health, uh you this is going to play uh heavily on people’s mental health um the longer this goes on. Uh, the more isolation that there is so uh, it’s important and and I’m trying my very best to reach out to people that I haven’t talked to for a little while or that I know that are isolated. Um and the ability to just reach out and say, is there anything I can do to help you?

So how has um the pandemic actually affected you and your workplace?

We continue to work from home um via obviously computers and uh telephones etc. So um so it has been business not quite usual but uh as close as we can uh we certainly try to stay in contact minimum one to two times a day with the employees with Sue and Patty and Carol to make sure that everything is going well with them and if there’s any issues we’re close as the telephone, text uh email away so yeah there’s been some changes, and we’re working with our partners at the hub, uh to make sure that their needs are met as well should they require photocopying you know any of the uh regular day to day stuff, uh we’re uh allowing admin back into the office only one at a time, uh respecting all of the guidlines that uh we’ve layed down, and you know what onehundred percent buy in by everybody, so it’s been its been really good, and I think at the end of this uh it will bring us closer together as as groups as business people as members uh within this how we treat is each other during this period is going to say a lot about how we treat each other after.

Absolutely well, and being at home, what are you and your family doing to stay happy and healthy throughout all of this?

Um, it’s been it’s trying it certainly is trying I’m sure my wife would like me to be back at work very shortly uh I have no doubt of that, but you know you have to take breaks through this my dog uh my dog who is uh staring at the front window right now wanting to go outside because it’s so nice you know trying to keep ourselves as busy as possible um.

Oh! You didn’t trigger him.

What’s that?

You almost triggered him Pesto is laying on the ground over there.

He’s lying there; he says what? You want to go for a w a l k? yeah, I’ll just spell it. Uh, hopefully, he’s not a spelling dog.

He’s almost there!

We’ve been we’ve been trying to uh you know get exercise uh try to stay away from the fridge uh as much as possible um through this period because I think that uh that has a habit.

It’s so easy!

Oh, it’s right next door now it’s easy uh but uh just trying to take some time, and hey there’s been some binge-watching on Netflix. Uh, you know Ozarks season three just came out.

There you go!

There’s a few of those uh but trying to keep it as normal as possible and make sure that we take care of ourselves. I’ve had some uh health issues over the past number of years uh not today that which is a good thing, uh, but I think I’ve learned that you’ve got to balance it out and you’ve got to take care. And I think that one of the things that everyone has to remember is there is that balance, and we need to maintain the balance somehow.

Do you have any more ideas, insights or recommendations for people adapting to a new way of life right now?

Yeah, forget anything you knew before because it’s all changed. That’s probably be flexible be very flexible.

What’s your PSA for the community right now?

Be good to yourself, be good to the others around you and and just uh take care of yourselves and stay healthy during this period. Especially when it comes to when you’re in stores, or you’re grocery shopping or or wherever you might be. Those people are front line workers and whether that be a doctor a nurse a grocery store clerk, a cashier whatever the case they’re all front line workers right now and and be courteous and be respectful to them. They’re trying to do the best that they possibly can during this trying period, and they’re out there every day, making sure that we get what we need. Be patient, be kind, be courtesy. That’s my PSA for the day.

Well, thank you, Peter! This has been awesome.

Well, thank you, Brandon, and this is a great way to spend some time uh get through the day uh keep uh my uh my wife happy that I’m not uh bugging her or chasing the dogs around the house or anything like that so stay healthy stay safe.

Absolutely it’s time to take Mr. Pesto for a walk.

I think that’s a really good idea and we’ll see you when this is all over Brandon.

Absolutely catch you later, Peter.

Okay ciao



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