Professional sound recording studio for rent

Richard from RFPMedia waving hello from behind the soundproof glass in their professional sound studio at 176 lakeshore Drive
  • Professional 13' by 17' professionally sound isolated and sound dampened room
  • Professional control panel & software
  • One hour minimum - pay by the minute after!
  • Professional ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) services available
  • Professional sound gear available
  • Professional sound engineers available
  • Cafeteria on-site
  • ​Co-located with a state-of-the-art wrap around video production green screen film studio
  • Meeting rooms available
  • Post-production workstations available
  • Beautiful courtyard
  • Large parking lot
  • Conveniently located on Lakeshore Drive immediately off of HWY 11


Find us

Coworking176 at 176 Lakeshore Drive North Bay Ontario Canada
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