Our video production process

We make it simple for companies to create high-end videos. We'll manage everything from concept to production, whether you need a single video or a continuing content partner.

We've developed a production process at BuzzMasters that helps us produce high quality video content that will move the needle on your business objectives. You are involved at every stage of production in our collaborative approach.

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We work with your team to identify your audience, clarify your message, discover your voice, understand your consumers, and set your goals, whether your company is growing or new to the sector.


We can work from a brief or start from scratch, but we'll always keep your audience in mind. This process generates scripts, storyboards, casting notes, and anything else needed to get everyone on the same page creatively.



We schedule and plan your video shoot(s) down to the last detail. Casting, location scouting, set design and construction, equipment rentals, and crew hiring are all elements of this phase of the video production process.


As we shoot your video, we bring together award-winning directors, producers, cinematographers, and an expert crew. We can shoot anywhere in the world, either in the studio or on site.


Aerial Cinematography

Aerial video offers your story a sense of scale and adds a spectacular dimension to your video project. Our drone pilots are incredibly talented, completely licensed, fully insured, and they will capture breathtaking footage while staying safe and compliant.


Through post-production, your video project's raw ingredients are stored safely and polished into the finished video product. Editing, titles and graphics, visual effects, sound design, and colour grading are all aspects of this phase of the video production process.


Distribution & Exploitation

First, we ensure your content is optimised for both humans and search engines. Then, through paid, earned, and owned channels, we distribute it to the intended audience. Organic seeding and outreach, sponsored social ads, and influencer campaigns are all elements of this phase. We can also handle the management of your video channels and provide analysis and insights.

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