For the Business Centre Nipissing Parry Sound’s (TBC) International Women’s Day event, they wanted a centrepiece to truly highlight the efforts of local women entrepreneurs to showcase during their annual event. Having to rethink their celebration as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, TBC decided to host a digital showcase, using the mini-documentary to celebrate the hard-working women in our community.  For this project, BuzzMasters worked closely with TBC to create a general narrative framework

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Women in Business

Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (IION) is a Regional Innovation Centre that assists innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing companies develop and scale. With a number of successful innovative businesses across a variety of industries, from small to large, IION wanted to highlight the success stories of these businesses through their relationships and the programs IION offers. BuzzMasters coordinated with IION to ensure their client demographic was thoughtfully represented on the screen through a detailed pre-production process.

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IION Regional Documentary

The YMCA is a firm believer in community and supporting the individuals within in a diversity of ways. For some people, it can be a life-changing experience and the YMCA wanted to share those stories.  BuzzMasters worked with the YMCA to develop a series named “Y Stories” to share the personal experience of individuals affected by the YMCA in a meaningful way while also sharing the diverse facilities and programs offered by the Y. The

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YMCA: Angela’s Story

With years of older material and a desire to create a new series of high-quality promotional pieces, useful for both recruitment and organisational pride, Canadore College wanted a fresh showcase for the core pillars of their organisation: Aviation, Media Arts, Skilled Trades, Village, Sport & Wellness, iCamp, Centre for Career Development, and Genomics Laboratory.  BuzzMasters coordinated with Canadore to identify these core pillars across their several campuses as well as with the different leadership within

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Canadore College – Program Campaigns

Canadore College’s Centre for Career Development (CCD) focuses on providing students with career opportunities by leveraging the demand for local expertise, as well as coordinating with local industries to ensure jobs have the right individuals transitioning from post-secondary to them. The CCD also provides students with the tools for success so they are best prepared to enter the workforce. BuzzMasters worked with the CCD on producing a quick series of Tips & Tricks for students

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Canadore College – Centre for Career Development – Job Fair Tips

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