Pinty’s Grand Slam Curling 2019

By Thomas Brown | Events

Feb 11

Tourism North Bay has a second opportunity to promote itself and the community during another world-class curling event, the first, also covered by BuzzMasters, being the Ford World Women’s Curling Championship.

During the Pinty’s, BuzzMasters worked out of the new-and-improved Ice Hut, creating promotions around the items and giveaways of the event, as well as promoting the Pinty’s itself at Memorial Gardens. These promotional videos were published and promoted through Tourism North Bay’s social media pages.  

These online promotions attracted attendees to the Ice Hut for giveaways and promotions, celebrating the local event and engaging with the photo frame setup. While operating the Ice Hut, BuzzMasters also functioned as representatives for Tourism North Bay, answering any questions visitors from out of town had and made the visit pleasant for those seeing what North Bay had to offer.


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