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What the heck is video personalization?


As digital communication becomes more-and-more pervasive, brands must turn to new ways of escaping the impersonal digital dialogue most people prefer nowadays to establish brand loyalty. New ideas and solutions emerge daily designed to help brands overcome these challenges but leveraging and benefiting from these opportunities are dictated by access to time, talent, or money. Whatever your specific situations situation, it's wise to at least maintain some awareness of the opportunities available to you. Keep reading to learn what is personalized video, what are the benefits of using video personalization, and why personalized video works.

What is video personalization?

Video personalization allows brands to:

  1. collect real-time inputs from the viewer, 
  2. recite relevant information to the viewer, and
  3. offer tailored video content based on collected and pre-existing viewer data

What's are the benefits of personalized video?

Ryan Key from PopVideo lists the following as some of the benefits of video personalization:

  • Creates a relevant, thoughtful customer experience
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Empowers strategic email marketing (with segmentation and targeting)
  • Builds a passionate audience
  • Improves lead nurturing
  • Drives better sales calls
  • Increases customer retention

Ryan Key (

Why does personalizing video work?

Up until recently, we could only send one message to a multitude of very different people who may have a similar need but very different challenges or goals.

Personalized video is remarkable - it captures attention

Communication models have a sender, a message, and a receiver. The first challenge of sending a message is earning the attention of our desired recipient. At the time of writing, personalized video still benefits from being a remarkable way to send a message and remarkable things not only capture attention but encourage word-of-mouth.

Personalized video encourages comprehension and retention

The second biggest challenge is speaking to the receiver in a way that encourages comprehension and retention. Up until recently, there has been no way to send tailored video messaging. Instead, we've seen brands sending the same messages to a multitude of very different people who need the same solution but who also express very different symptoms of the problem they are trying to overcome. It's easier to establish a strong connection with the viewer when we speak to them in their language about topics they care about through a speaker to which they can relate.

Personalized video causes commitment

Personalized video demands engagement by speaking directly to the viewer and prompting them for input intermittently. To the viewer, the prompts are experienced as random and as we know from casinos, randomized stimulus produces engagement. Prompting the viewer for inputs also causes the viewer to invest psychic energy into reading and comprehending the prompt as well as investing their labour into responding. Every psychic and energetic investment into the personalized video is a further commitment the viewer has made towards watching the entire video while also being a gesture of commitment to your brand. It's similar to a sales situation where you want the yes's to keep rolling but in this scenario, the viewer furthers their commitment with every ounce of energy they expend. Don't get too greedy though! Internet users are demonstrably lazy unless you can provide them with a truly engaging experience.

Video personalization leaves a positive somatic impression

When we reinforce the image of what our customers desire to be in their hearts and minds, they feel less like a number and more like themselves. It feels good to move closer to self-actualizing, and that feeling imparts a somatic impression on our audience. As anybody who has experienced, love, joy, hate, or anger will attest, we remember feelings more saliently than anything we try to put into our minds. And it's this feel-good somatic impression that encourages the prospect to seek out that same stimulation again in the future leading to repeat business and brand loyalty.

A disclaimer: The real aim of marketing should be to help people discover solutions that enhance their lives. Any picture we paint in the minds of our prospects/customers should honestly aim to alleviate their pain points and to improve their quality of life. Anything else is unethical.

Let’s look at some impressive personalization stats:

  • Personalized emails produce 6x higher transaction rates (CMO)
  • Personalized CTAs result in a 42% higher conversion rate (Triblio)
  • Marketers see an average increase of 20% in sales when using a personalized web experience (Triblio).

Now, let’s look at some impressive video stats (courtesy of HubSpot):

  • A video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%
  • Consumers who watch a video are 64-84% more likely to make a purchase (HubSpot)
  • Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rate

Get the big picture? Video and personalization make a power couple. And with 73% of marketers planning to increase their video usage on social media (2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report) — saturation is about to become a serious issue for video marketers. How can video marketers overcome saturation? Personalized video! 

Ryan Key (

How do we handle video personalization at BuzzMasters?

Video personalization came onto our radar when we had a prospective client cite all the reasons why digital will never be as good as face-to-face communication. While part of me agrees with that person, there is the problem-solver inside of me who immediately went to task looking at ways to overcome these barriers. We have been close followers of Wistia, and VidYard who are major proponents of the personalized video movement but we were not in a position to invest in their tools at that time. We were lucky to discover a tool called PressPlay which enables us to bake questions for our viewer directly into our videos. Since the videos are linked to YouTube for hosting we get all the usual video analytics that YouTube provides and we're able to infer deeper meaning from those insights. Now that we have the PressPlay tool available to us, we have delved much deeper into the pre-production and production considerations that are needed to create a truly seamless personalized video experience. Leveraging the PressPlay Dynamic Interaction Video tool enables us to enhance customer interaction, increase sales, and leads for our customers by delivering hyper-targeted marketing messages to their viewers and giving those viewers exactly what they want to see.

At this point, you should have a much better familiarity with what video personalization is along with what benefits video personalization provides. You should also have a grasp on why personalized video works and how to get help when you're ready to try it. 

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