February 11

Northern Ontario Mining Showcase 2019


The Northern Ontario Mining Showcase (NOMS) hosts the largest single pavilion at the annual Prospectors Developers Association of Canada (PDAC), showcasing the many industry leaders from Northern Ontario. NOMS needed to generate online traffic across its digital accounts as well as drive attendees to the NOMS floor to provide exposure and valuable business opportunities to their exhibitors.

The plan was, over the course of several days, to produce, edit, publish, and promote content featuring NOMS exhibitors to attract attendees from the PDAC conference to the pavilion. BuzzMasters created promotional videos on the half-dozen interactive exhibits as well as cinemographcs of over 100 exhibitors. 

These promotions were published and promoted across social media platforms used by attendees, focusing on bridging online interactions creating conversations to draw additional focus to the Northern Ontario Mining Showcase. 

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