Northbound Networks: The Northern Ontario Business Pulse

In the heart of Northern Ontario, a new voice arises - a voice for entrepreneurs, business professionals, and anyone with a passion for the region's vibrant business scene. Welcome to 'Northbound Networks', the podcast that's all about connecting our geographically diverse business community and making Northern Ontario more competitive on a national and international scale.

Hosted by Thomas Brown, CEO of BuzzMasters, 'Northbound Networks' brings you bite-sized interviews with the region's movers and shakers, insights into opportunities and threats, and spotlights on change makers, networks, and events shaping our business landscape. All this in under 10 minutes per episode!

Why Listen to 'Northbound Networks'?

If you're part of the Northern Ontario business community or considering joining it, 'Northbound Networks' is your go-to source for insights and inspiration. Discover the untold stories of entrepreneurs who've made it big, learn from their successes and challenges, and stay informed about the latest trends and opportunities in our region.

Interested in Being a Guest?

Are you a business professional or entrepreneur with a unique perspective or inspiring story to share? We'd love to hear from you! 'Northbound Networks' is always on the lookout for engaging guests who can provide value to our listeners.

By being a guest on our show, you'll have the opportunity to share your insights, increase your visibility, and contribute to the growth of our vibrant business community. Plus, it's a great way to connect with other business professionals and potential customers.

Ready to Amplify Your Voice?

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