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Why Invest in Video Production to Tell Your Brand Story


Successful businesses understand the importance of their brand story and how using video marketing as part of their branding efforts can benefit their business. Brand storytelling is a vital component of any company’s growth, regardless if it is a local business or a global conglomerate.

Here are the reasons brand story video production can benefit your business:

Brand Stories are Interactive

Businesses should create brand stories that are interactive to capture a greater audience. An interactive brand story will allow the audience to engage and interact with the brand story actively. As a result, the audience will form a deeper connection with the brand.

Video is Absorbed Easily

Video is a powerful medium for storytelling. Using videos in digital marketing is effective because video is easily viewed and absorbed by the audience. Users are less likely to skip video content when compared to text. The video format resonates with the target audience, most of whom are visual learners.

Branded Videos Can Reach Target Customers

Video marketing is an effective method of storytelling because video is easily distributed to target audiences. In addition to being viewed on websites, videos can be placed on social media and video hosting platforms. Platforms such as YouTube allow businesses to target specific audiences through keyword searches to filter content.

Branded Content Humanizes Businesses

Video content is an effective way to humanize a company. The use of video content allows companies to showcase a personal side to their business. Shifting the focus from just the product or service to the people behind or in front of the creation of that product can give consumers a better understanding of the business.

Brand Story Video Production Expands Social Reach

The use of video content for brand storytelling has a broader reach than any other form of content. Videos are easily shared across multiple channels, potentially allowing brands to reach millions of users. Companies can use video content to spread their brand story while increasing their overall reach on social media platforms.

The Ideal Length of Your Video Content

A video’s length can determine its success. Videos that are under the two-minute mark hold the most attention of viewers. While longer videos are less likely to be skipped, viewers are more likely to turn the video off before it ends.

While many businesses choose to produce longer brand storytelling content, you can still receive good results with a two-minute video. Consistent engagement and sharing of your brand story can increase your overall reach.

The Importance of the Story’s Anchor

An effective way for businesses to tell a compelling brand story is by using an anchor character. Anchor characters are central to the story and can draw the audience in. They are usually the main character of the story. Effective use of a strong anchor character can prevent the video from feeling robotic or unnatural.

Anchor characters also serve as a voice for the audience and the brand. A central point of view character allows the audience to connect to the story and the product or service being offered. Using an anchor character will improve your chances of having a successful brand storytelling video.

Video Done Right

Branding strategies should always include the use of video content marketing. It is important to create brand stories that connect to the target audience. Using video storytelling can benefit your brand by increasing its overall reach, spreading the brand story and improving the company’s online presence.

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