February 11

International Plowing Match & Rural Expo 2019


For the second time ever in the annual plowing match’s history, Northern Ontario would be hosting and West Nipissing was primed to make it an event to remember. A year in advance, BuzzMasters began planning with the volunteer board to solidify the goals, target audiences, and annual strategy. 

In this strategy, farm overviews of local farmers in the area, local businesses from the area, IPM products, and a multitude of other media promotions were to be created, with their assets atomized for repurposing, such as screenshots used for graphic promos, print material, and audio files from promos used with radio ads for media sponsors. 

In total, over the course of a year BuzzMasters created over 50 promotional videos of different lengths and subjects, and over 200 promotional photos, all leading up to and during the initial day of the event on site. 

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documentary, events, multimedia, promotional

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