August 2

Impact of Video on the Brand-Consumer Relationship

You know that feeling you get when you watch a highly anticipated movie-trailer? When pace, music, and content combine synergistically, sending chills down your spine? The power of video can transport you to emotional dimensions, often hard to reach alone. Video content presents a way to escape, learn, and broaden your idea of reality while giving you a sense of opportunity and freedom. Why not strive to achieve this same feeling for your consumers?

After a supremely unsettling year for consumers and businesses alike, 2021 presents opportunities and permanent transformation to the world of brand marketing. While brands may have once been able to entice customers with a flourish of catchy slogans and high-definition images, these are no longer enough. 

Last year, there was a 471% increase in one-to-one video creation. More businesses realized that to build stable relationships, they must adopt a personality to help customers feel that sense of connection and opportunity. Video content has the power to heighten customer interaction, giving them more opportunities to comment, share, and like on social media networks. 

According to the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, video can provide tangible data representations that a person’s memory can access much more efficiently than text. Thus, video content is the ideal method to connect with customers on a deeper level. 

In the past five years, businesses using video as their primary marketing tool have grown from 61% to 85%. A year later, 99% of these businesses continued to use video to boost conversion rates and bolster their brand-consumer relationship. 

It’s Not Just About Video 

Competition is hot when it comes to video marketing. Consumers have been primed to expect stunning visual content as they are bombarded with seemingly infinite amounts daily. Your brand needs to stand out amongst this noise, requiring you to invest considerable company assets to bring your video content up to a new level of quality

Spending money on professional video production is key here. Work with video producers, story writers, and animators to define your brand personality to deliver content that will spark, awe, and intrigue your consumers. 

Understand Your Consumers Using Video Analytics

Like it or not, metrics matter, and knowing how consumers engage with your brand is necessary for tweaking your strategy to make these engagements more meaningful. Video content presents the perfect opportunity to track attention spans/CTR and figure out exactly what content your consumers want to see. 

Video metrics look at when consumers stopped watching, their actions following watching, whether they liked it enough to share, and so much more. Video content is an ideal two-way street that allows you to inform and educate consumers about your brand. In return, you get to learn their habits and track their behaviours, so you can continue elevating your production strategy to match their wants.

Optimizing for platform specifications and consumer usability is critical. You can check out some of the best specs for popular platforms here

Build Brand Personality & Ease Consumer Connection

Consumers connect with people more comfortably than companies. Using video content, you can build upon your brand personality. By using in-the-moment footage and showing sneak peeks at the people behind your product, you bring a face to your brand. Consumers are more likely to foster an emotional bond with your brand if you cultivate a personality that seamlessly compliments theirs. 

Creating video content with high production value is an ideal way to nurture your consumer-brand relationship. Video content helps your brand develop a more assertive personality, monitor customer behaviours, and deliver educational and informative resources in an entertaining and engaging way. 

Are you ready to make deep consumer connections and foster a brand personality that will increase conversion rates and boost profits? At BuzzMasters, we can help you do just that. Our team of digital media producers will work with you to develop a unique video content marketing strategy. Contact us today for a free consultation to create a plan that is bound to get you excited about the future of your video content. 

Having a proper mastery of your company’s brand is not only going to impact your marketing, but also the day-to-day interactions you have with your customers. Have any stories to share about how you worked on improving/refining your brand? Be sure to share in the comments below.

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