June 30

IION Regional Documentary

Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (IION) is a Regional Innovation Centre that assists innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing companies develop and scale. With a number of successful innovative businesses across a variety of industries, from small to large, IION wanted to highlight the success stories of these businesses through their relationships and the programs IION offers.

BuzzMasters coordinated with IION to ensure their client demographic was thoughtfully represented on the screen through a detailed pre-production process. Industry, size, and city were carefully balanced when selecting the ten businesses featured in the final video. Once selected, the production team coordinated with IION and each other organization to ensure speaking points and the shot list were prepared before the upcoming shoot days. At each location, the production team worked with organizations to ensure their best foots were forward both in interviews and b-roll footage to accompany it. During post-production, the production team reviewed the footage and created a greater narrative, weaving IION, iCamp, and all ten organisations into a vibrant, captivating, and informative story. 

At just over 20 minutes in length, the IION Regional Documentary presents a strong overview of IION, as an organisation, as well as the hard work they’ve done across the region, showing their success stories through the meaningful relationships they’ve developed with innovative businesses across a variety of industries. 

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