November 22

How Video Can Offset Customer Support Resourcing Costs


You probably already know that solid customer support is the backbone of any good product or service. Good customer support boosts a company’s overall bottom line, and more importantly, boosts a customer’s trust in you and can elevate your brand’s image. 

At the same time, you probably also know that investing in your customer support team can get pricey; you want to make sure your staff has the right tools to do their job right, and you need to make sure they’re constantly updating their knowledge through training.

So the question now is: how can you have a good customer support team without the huge price tag? Making use of video can help, and here’s how. 

You Can Help Customers Help Themselves

According to Google, “how-to” videos are among some of the most-watched content on YouTube. Clearly, when people have a problem, one of the first things they’ll try to do is to solve it themselves, and they’re likely looking for a video to help them. 

This is where building a library of support videos can help you offset customer support costs. Instead of hiring a team to answer the same questions over and over again, your customer can simply look up the issue and resolve it themselves. With a whopping 73% of people preferring self-service options, you’ll be catering to your audience and cutting down on costs at the same time. 

Videos Save Time

Videos convey a ton of information in a relatively short amount of time. Short, punchy videos can help a customer get the information they need as quickly as possible. Using video, you can get your message across in as little as under three minutes, which allows you to accelerate the speed at which tickets are resolved. 

This decrease in time-to-resolution means you can shrink the size of your support staff while improving the services they can provide. Your staff will be able to direct your customers to watch a video to solve basic issues, which frees up your staff’s time. With this free time, your staff can dedicate their energy to more complex problems, which has the added bonus of driving retention rates.  

You Can Address Issues Before They Happen

When a customer is first using your product or service, they may find some aspects of it confusing or hard to use. By creating onboarding videos that walk them through these issues, your customers will be more likely to stick with your product until they become familiar with it, despite their initial frustrations. 

The key here is that you need to know both your product and your customers well. What are the common ways that your customers will use your product, and what problems can occur when they’re using it in this way? What are common questions you foresee your customer support team having to answer? As your product evolves and the demands of your customers change, be sure to update your onboarding videos along with them. 

Reduce Costs While Providing a Better Experience

Good customer experience is worth its weight in gold, and good customer support can make or break a customer’s experience. In fact, customers will happily pay more for a competing service or product, based on the customer experience alone. 

Creating videos can help to both save on costs and improve the customer experience at the same time. You’ll be able to run a smaller customer support team by allowing customers to help themselves. You can resolve issues quickly, and spend more time solving more difficult issues. You can even proactively address issues before they occur and increase customer retention. 
Do you use video to enhance the customer experience? What types of videos do you find are the most effective? We want to hear all about it. Alternatively, you can contact us if you need help with making videos of your own.

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