September 27

How Video Can Improve Your Recruitment Efforts

Videos aren’t just for entertaining your social media audience or selling products. They can also be an effective tool in your employee recruitment efforts. They can help you to reach potential candidates that wouldn’t otherwise know you were hiring, while also attracting their attention and getting them interested in your company. Video can also position your company in an interesting way that engages potential candidates. 

Recruitment videos come in many forms. If you’ve ever seen an ad for the Armed Forces on television, you’ve seen an example of a high-budget, well-made recruitment video produced by a professional film or video production company. At the other end of the scale are videos made by business owners with smartphones. 

No matter the level of production, video has become an increasingly popular recruiting tactic. And not just for attracting staff. It is now a common part of the interview process. 63% of companies use video conferencing to conduct job interviews.

In an increasingly remote workforce, video can help interviewers get a sense of a candidate in a way they can’t over the phone. It also can cut down on costs, especially for interviews that would have required travel in the past. 

Recruitment Videos

Before you get to the interview, you need to attract qualified candidates. That’s the role of the recruitment video, which works as sort of an advertisement to attract people to work for your company. In many ways, these videos are like marketing videos, except that the end goal is to encourage people to apply for positions within the company, rather than buy a product or service. 

Like marketing videos, they aim to position the company in the best possible light. These company culture videos, as they’re known, can take several forms. They generally tend to show company values, the general company culture, the current employees, and also the perks of working at the company. 

The goal is to get the viewer interested in working at the company, and there are plenty of ways to do that. This BambooHR video, for instance, takes the approach of looking at what their employees do when they’re not at work to emphasize the importance they place on a healthy work/life balance. 

When your company has strong brand recognition in the marketplace, you can skip over the “what we do” part to focus on what life is like when working at the company. That’s the approach Google took in their video targeted toward people looking for internships in the tech sector. 

A good recruitment video will have several elements to it:

  • Explain the company’s background and its vision for the future of the company
  • Show how that vision will help the customer or client and make their life better
  • Show the company culture and workplace to give a sense of what working there would be like
  • Illustrate how employees are given chances to grow in their role


Recruitment isn’t just about hiring. You also want to make sure that your new recruit gets properly trained so that they’re successful in their new role. Video can help with this. There’s nothing new about training videos. What is new is the approach to making and delivering these videos. For instance, you can host them on a company intranet so that they’re accessible to anyone at any time. 

Videos are a great way to quickly go through important information while getting a new employee up to speed on company procedures. They can also be used to set expectations and reinforce company culture. 

No matter what angle your recruitment video takes, it’s a good idea to put some effort into the production, since the video is a direct reflection of your brand. For professionally produced videos that get results, contact the team at Buzzmasters today. 

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