December 13

How a Corporate Branding Video Can Boost Your Business

Video marketing is the future of business. The 21st-century world is becoming more and more digital by the year. Technology is advancing, and people are spending more time than ever online. In particular, there has been a prominent shift in how online content is consumed, from static imagery to engaging video content.

As a business, it’s important that you take advantage of this progressive movement towards video content if you want to maximize your success.

Over 80% of businesses have started using video as their promotional marketing strategies. This has increased from just 61% back in 2016. This is no surprise when consumers are now spending an average of 18 hours a week watching videos online.

There’s no doubt that the impact of online videos has been accelerated by the increased use of social media over the last decade. YouTube has two billion active users, and there are one billion hours of videos watched every day on the platform. TikTok specializes in short-form video, and its consumers open the app eight times a day and spend an average of 46 minutes a day watching TikTok videos.

With more and more people consuming video content online, it’s important that your company focuses on producing high-quality videos. There are many different types of videos that you can use to promote your business, and one of the best ways is corporate branding videos.

What Is a Corporate Branding Video?

A corporate video is a promotional tool that you can use to promote your brand, including specific products or services that you offer. This type of video can form a key part of your marketing campaigns to generate leads and boost sales.

What to Include in a Corporate Branding Video

Eighty-four percent of marketers agree that video has been effective in generating leads for their business. If you want to use a corporate branding video to gain new leads and boost your sales, you need to include these key elements in every video that you produce.

  • Engaging visuals – you want to keep your viewers interested in your video from start to finish. Vision is the most dominant and influential sense. Include engaging visual aspects throughout your corporate branding video so your audience doesn’t lose focus.
  • Storytelling – telling your brand’s story is key to connecting with your audience. It’s a great way to show the human side to your brand.
  • Unique branding – the idea of your branded video is to highlight who you are and what you do. This should be prevalent throughout the whole video to make your brand memorable to the viewers.
  • SEO optimization – every video should be uploaded with relevant tags and descriptions to boost the chances of someone coming across your video online.
  • Great editing – nobody wants to watch a video that is low-quality and poorly edited. Make sure your corporate branding videos are edited to perfection to reflect how professional and high-quality your brand is.

How a Corporate Branding Video Can Boost Your Business

There are many benefits to using corporate branding videos in your business. Here are some of the key ways that this type of video can increase your brand awareness and drive growth and success in your business.

Increased Brand Awareness

Corporate branding videos can be used to increase your brand awareness. They can be used to demonstrate or explain one of your products in a more genuine way that doesn’t feel forceful to your customers.

Detailing your products in a video increases consumers’ trust in your brand. Four times as many customers prefer watching a video explaining a product than reading about it online. They can learn everything they need to know about your products before buying, increasing their confidence in making a purchase.

Increased Leads and Sales

Your corporate branding videos can be used to show your brand and products in a positive light. It’s also the perfect opportunity to spread your message and engage consumers.

Studies show that 74% of consumers went on to make a purchase after watching a video explaining a product. Placing a video on your landing page can increase conversion rates by an impressive 80%. You can encourage consumers to move into the next step in your sales funnel to eventually become loyal customers.

Improved Connection With Customers

Since corporate videos are the perfect opportunity to show the personality behind your brand, you can use video marketing to connect with your customers more closely.

You can convey your brand’s message in an engaging way that sets you apart from competitors. When customers resonate closely with a brand and its values, they are more likely to purchase from them and become returning customers.

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