Game of Things – Mobile App Launch Promo

By Thomas Brown | Portfolio

Feb 11

The Game of Things board game had been out for a while and generated quite the notoriety with its permutations on the game. However, a mobile app of the game had been in development for a couple of years and they wanted to launch the app at a public event. BuzzMasters was tasked with creating an app launch reveal trailer, satirising a well-known scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Working closely with the Game of Things, BuzzMasters created a storyboard and script for voice-over, considering all creative elements, like performers, costumes, props, set, green-screen studio, sound design, and animation for the production. 

With the storyboard concretely prepared, shooting, animation, and voice-over/music could be independently started by three separate teams, ensuring the production was completed efficiently. As the components were completed, they were assembled in post-production and fine-tuned for the live reveal to an audience. The final production wowed people when it needed to and garnered laughs in the right places, while informing the audience of the app and launching the new product.


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