June 12

Video Marketing: Drones for Video Production and Photography


Over the past several years, drones have become more popular among amateur and professional photographers alike. They are a welcome addition to a marketer’s toolbox with a proven track record for success, especially for aerial photography and videography. 

To better understand how aerial photography has grown through the years and how it is used now to capture stunning images, you should look at its history. By learning some of the tips used when marketing with drones, you’ll be more prepared to use them in your next campaign.

Aerial Photography in Video Marketing

Aerial photography has had a signifgicant impact in professional video business. Drones are camera-equipped airplanes and helicopters. With remote control devices, these devices are maneuvered and controlled from the ground. Moreover, professional photographers are now using drones for hard-to-reach places in the picture.

Some of the purposes of aerial photography include product demonstrations, aerial photography, land surveying, fugitive recovery, firefighting, and special events (such as birthdays and weddings).

Here are the advantages of aerial photography for any business:

  • Cost: This marketing tool can be cheaper than a professional photographer. Plus, you can run the equipment through a remote control device.
  • Personalization: Professional drone photographers will find different property angles and land.
  • Creativity: A creative drone pilot can develop new and innovative ways to capture your business or product.
  • Quick: A drone can create a product video much faster than other forms of photography.
  • Flexibility: A drone photographer can move and maneuver around the subject while taking pictures or capturing footage.
  • View: Aerial photography can provide a perspective not available to a ground photographer.
  • Resolution: Images captured by this camera are incredibly crisp and clear, making them great for use on your website or video marketing campaign.

Tips for Drone Photography Video Marketing

You can use a video marketing campaign to increase the awareness of your business and products. You may want to include aerial photography in your business video marketing campaign. This is a great way to show your customers what you are proud of and what sets you apart. Here are some tips to help you in your video marketing campaign:

  • Location: Where will you place your product? Will you have a group of people standing around the product, taking pictures? If so, try to put the product on a platform that will allow the photographer to work.
  • License: Most states require you to purchase a special permit to use a drone for commercial purposes.
  • Plan: Try to plan out the steps of your video marketing campaign. This will give the drone operator a better idea of how long he will be at a particular location.
  • Coordination: What other professionals will be needed for your video marketing campaign? Will you need assistance from the police or fire department? Will you need a construction crew? You must ensure that you coordinate with these professionals before the video marketing campaign.
  • Safety: This should always be a top concern when using a drone for a video marketing campaign. You should always make sure that there are no obstacles nearby. You may want to create a safe area for the drone. Also, you will want to make sure that the drone is always in the operator’s line of sight using the remote control device.
  • Shakes: If you will be taking aerial footage of a product, you will want to make sure that the product does not have any shakes in the footage. This is easily done by looking at the equipment and ensuring it is level.
  • Wind: This is a significant concern when using a drone. You will want to make sure that there is not too much wind that would possibly blow the drone off course or cause the drone to crash.


Video marketing has proven to be a highly effective tool for businesses to increase their online visibility and revenue. By using a drone, you’ll add an extra “wow” factor to your video marketing. If you want to create a video marketing campaign for your business, you should consider adding a drone to your marketing toolbox.

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