May 16

What to Learn about Documentary-Style Brand Videos Today


In today’s modern world, people are finding new ways to give exposure to their interests. These interests could include one’s discovery of sports, food, fashion, art, music, and travel, among many others. Many people have also learned how to tell their stories through documentary-style content. 

Companies and brands have also begun producing this documentary content and voluntarily disseminating it online for no monetary gain. It’s the most recent type of video material to develop, and it’s very profitable. Producing free, short-form films instead of advertisements will encourage organic social media distribution while also improving the brand’s image in the eyes of its customers.

Indeed, it has become a form of video content that has gained popularity in recent years. Read on to learn more.

Understanding Video as a Medium

Video, as is well known, reigns supreme in the field of content marketing. Online users prefer videos over written content, and video advertising generates the most clicks. Furthermore, video material is shared on social media more frequently than links and text combined. Any company that values marketing will use video to showcase its brand identities and stories.

Video Content and Web Traffic

In an online environment dominated by video, it’s no surprise that marketers have difficulty breaking through the visual clutter to identify themselves. Video will account for more than 80% of internet traffic this year. Customers are becoming more choosy in their viewing habits as more video becomes available, and social media algorithms are adjusting to minimize spammy promotional material and clickbait. When it comes to advertising and media consumption, current consumers are astute. Consumers are gaining greater discretion over how and when they interact with brands, rejecting traditional overt marketing and advertising methods.

Video Is All about Quality

In order to provide appealing content for their audiences, brands must constantly adapt to the evolving online consumer environment. Creating standard video content is no longer sufficient. Brands are increasingly expected to prioritize quality above quantity. Video content creation is becoming more thoughtful. As the emphasis changes to longer-form, more relevant, and memorable content that customers actively seek out on social media, the popularity of documentary-style sponsored video is expanding.

Documentary-Style Brand Videos of Today

In this case, video footage is a fantastic tool for communicating brand identity. The sponsored video, made in documentary style, expands on this topic. A short film or documentary-style video is a superior medium for telling stories that are universally appealing to a typical short-form video. By avoiding overt promotion, documentary-style cinema allows businesses to gently advertise themselves through the use of other people’s stories. They can use the longer narrative-driven style to highlight dramatic and emotional components, enticing and retaining viewers. It helps marketers to be creative, target specific consumers with relevant information, and, most importantly, separate themselves from the competition.

Misconceptions Surrounding the Price Tag

It’s a common misconception that only wealthy corporations can afford documentary-style video production. No, not at all. Thanks to low-cost camera technology and an expanding skill pool, video production is now more accessible than ever. To put it another way, video production companies can develop content for businesses of any size. Only large brands have realized its value as a marketing tool for the time being.


Living in this fast-paced world calls for marketers to become more and more creative and innovative each day. At the same time, trends come and go. And today, we’re here at a time wherein documentary-style branded content is a cost-effective way to push our vision forward for the world to see. So if you are looking into new video content to produce for your company today, this style just might be it.

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