July 12

Director of Photography


BuzzMasters is currently looking for video production professionals with qualifications and experience to perform contract work as a Director of Photography

Duties include:

  • Coordinating with internal production resources to ensure the technical requirements for the production are carefully planned, considered, and met before a production shoot
  • Coordinating with the director to ensure the technical requirement to execute the vision of the project are met during production shoots
  • Operating the primary camera and adjusting equipment, such as camera, lighting, and other equipment. 

As a contractor, you’ll be approached with potential projects on an as-needed basis. The Production Manager will coordinate with you and the Director to ensure all variables for the production shoot are taken care of.

Day Rate: $250 

Equipment: Supplied by BuzzMasters 

Travel: Reimbursed for travel beyond 50 km of BuzzMasters Studio; BuzzMasters is not responsible for transportation.

Inquiries: Professionals interested in this position should send their resumes and demo reels to ryen@buzzmasters.ca for consideration.


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