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Choosing a Videographer for Your Wedding


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Most couples admit that one of their biggest regrets about their wedding was not slowing down to enjoy it. When you think about it, it’s not all that surprising that a busy couple can simply forget to take a moment to bask in their own wedding. Between saying, “I do,” to planning the wedding, to the actual big day itself, time can simply fly by. In the end, many of them wished they invested more into high-quality photography and videography that lets them relive every blurry detail with renewed clarity and joy.

Today, amidst COVID-19, many couples are opting for smaller, more intimate weddings or elopements. Reallocating budget to videography will ensure that no loved one will miss out on the intimate details. Even friends and family from abroad can enjoy the big day when it’s captured through high-quality video. If you’ve never booked a professional videographer before, here’s what you need to know. 

The Benefits of Videography

They Capture Special Moments

When you’re walking down the aisle, you’re not looking at Nana’s happy tears, or watching the cute flower girl disappear down the aisle. Instead, your attention will all be on your partner; it’s a special day for the two of you, after all. However, these little moments you’re missing out on making your special day even more special. You’ll want them recorded through video so you can look back at all the people who celebrated with you

Our media packages are delivered through the cloud and include a full-length video, short optimized video, and a frame stills gallery. We’ll also throw in the raw, unfiltered toasts and speeches that you’ll definitely want unedited. 

Psst: There’s a bonus gift included as well, but we’re keeping that a surprise.

You’ll Have an Expert On-Hand

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An experienced videographer will encourage open communication with you in order to capture the essence of your wedding. They want to know how to translate your wedding into some truly spectacular imagery. Generally, most companies will allocate one videographer per wedding, but we’ll send two. We’ll ensure that we can execute your idea flawlessly.

You’ll Create New Traditions

Many couples weave wedding videography into their anniversaries. There’s no better way to celebrate your years together than by remembering your big day and all the people who supported you every step of the way.

The Steps to Choosing the Perfect Videographer

Finding the right videographer is like finding the perfect partner: there should be a checklist of non-negotiables that you go through with your videographer. A big decision like this shouldn’t be made lightly. We’ve created a list of “must-haves” to consider when choosing the videographer of your dreams.

They Should Have Stellar Reviews

The power of a Google or social media review is incredible. It can tell us everything we need to know, even before we reach out to a potential videographer. 

When checking these reviews, look for users who feel like they’re being listened to and who feel that their videographers were punctual and professional. A videographer who’s chronically late and doesn’t take your feedback seriously can throw off your entire day, no matter how great their work looks. You want to see if users are praising the videographer for taking their feedback into consideration and can deliver the final product on time.

Keep in mind that people often submit reviews either when they are super pleased with a service or extremely disappointed. Take note of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Check Out Their Portfolio

A good videographer will have a solid portfolio listed on both social media and their website, documenting various styles of video. This isn’t to say that their portfolio is an indication of what your video will look like, exactly. What the portfolio will tell you is if they’re capable of turning someone’s vision into a beautifully shot video that tells a coherent story.

Book a Discussion

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When booking an initial consultation, ensure that you have a list of questions to guide the conversation. Hiring a videographer is an investment, and you will want to ensure that you are getting the best value.

To make the entire process smooth, put your questions together as they come to you over a span of three to six months. This will prevent you from having to think of all your questions at the last minute. 

Having said that, there are general questions that every couple should ask during an initial consultation. Here are a few.

What is Your Videography Style?

Documentary or montage-style filmmaking are the most common styles of wedding videography. Think long and hard about whether you would like to capture a video that focuses more on the chronological order of events (documentary style) or one that tells a beautiful, cinematic story (montage). Some videographers may choose to recommend one style over the other, depending on your needs.

What is Your Timeline?

To better coordinate with your videographer, you want to know how both of your schedules will line up. For example, if they’re shooting another wedding that day, you want to make sure that they have enough time to concentrate on your special day before moving on. This is likely less of a worry if you’re working with a studio that sends out multiple videographers, but it’s always good to make sure that everyone’s schedules align. 

What Moments Will You Be Shooting?

It’s always important to discuss all of the details of the big day before signing off. Your videographer should know your schedule and expectations about what you would like to see captured to ensure that no moments are missed. The right videographer will also use their experience to offer some opinions of their own regarding shots that you haven’t even considered.

Next Steps

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Many couples are so busy on their big day that they don’t even get the chance to enjoy it! With video, you can capture special moments you may have missed, and revisit your big day for years to come. When booking a videographer, be sure to book someone with excellent reviews, and who’ll work with you to create wedding videography you’ll absolutely love. 

With wedding season just around the corner, you’ll want to book a consultation as soon as you can. Let the experts at Buzzmasters help you to remember your special day. Secure your free consultation today.

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