January 3

Essential Characteristics of a Great Corporate Video


For any business today, corporate videos are becoming a necessity. The videos must entice potential customers and convince them to trust in a company’s ability to deliver great products and services. Most business owners are already aware of this. But the question remains: How can you make a good corporate video? This blog post weighs in to give you the scoop on the characteristics of great corporate videos.

Essential Characteristics of a Great Corporate Video

1 – Vision and Creativity

Great corporate videos are innovative. They only create the “status quo” and do not question the status quo. But they must be innovative and unique enough to be remembered. Not just by the viewers but by the other companies in your industry.

2 – A Great Story

A great corporate video must have a great story. It must convey a great message and a strong image to the audience. The corporate video must have that great script that will compel the audience to keep watching.

3 – An Enticing Call to Action

A great corporate video must have an enticing call to action. It must be able to convince the audience to contact the business for further details about their products or services. It must also be able to provide more information to the call to action. It must be able to link to a landing page or website.

4 – Good Credibility

The corporate video must be credible. This means that it should be professionally edited, perfectly voiced-over and have high-quality graphics.

5 – Clear Identity

A good corporate video does not have to be loud and highly controversial. But it must communicate a clear identity, product, service, or company image. This image must be in line with the company’s mission, vision and values.

6 – Creates A Sense of Trust

As we have already mentioned, a great corporate video must convey a great message to the audience. The video must convey a sense of trust and confidence to the audience.

7 – Quality and Professionalism

Great corporate videos must look and feel great. These videos must leave a lasting impression on the audience. It must be professionally done, and the quality of the video must be top-notch.

8 – Videos in Varied Lengths

A good corporate video is not limited to a single video. Different sized videos must be used. This means that corporate videos must be done in a variety of different lengths—for example, short, medium and long forms.

9 – A Video that Leaves the Audience Wanting More

A good corporate video must leave the audience wanting more. This can be accomplished if the corporate video is done in a series of episodes. This can also be achieved by providing a great call to action to get more information.


We have discussed the important characteristics of a great corporate video. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, having a corporate video is important. If you want to be successful in your business, then having a great corporate video and content creation team is essential.

If you want to know more about creating good corporate films and commercial videos, please contact BuzzMasters! Our team has the experience, skills, and technology to help you bring your video production project to life.

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