March 3

Canadore College – Program Campaigns

With years of older material and a desire to create a new series of high-quality promotional pieces, useful for both recruitment and organisational pride, Canadore College wanted a fresh showcase for the core pillars of their organisation: Aviation, Media Arts, Skilled Trades, Village, Sport & Wellness, iCamp, Centre for Career Development, and Genomics Laboratory. 

BuzzMasters coordinated with Canadore to identify these core pillars across their several campuses as well as with the different leadership within each program to build a script and shot list, ensuring keywords were carefully chosen for each target audience. As each pillar became solidified for production, the production team delved deeper, coordinating with individual faculty and staff for specific sequences for the promos, such as sports coaches, media course instructors, skilled trades specialists, and more. BuzzMasters coordinated with approximately 50 individuals across organisations to ensure the shoot schedule proceeded smoothly, with over a dozen shoots across multiple campuses, for eight promotional videos. 

Meanwhile, voice-over recordings and original music tracks were completed to complement the shots, all assembled in post-production to create eight unique 60-second promos, eight complementary 30-second promos, and 16 complementary 10-second promos (with and without voice over). All this created a new wave of dynamic, exciting, and engaging content with entirely new shots to add to Canadore’s database. 

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