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Ideas to help your business survive the COVID-19 pandemic

With BDC predicting a global economic recession in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are wondering how to protect themselves through these uncertain times. There are two distinct phases that we need to consider when planning for the continuity of our business through the pandemic: scaling back and scaling up. In

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How to find content ideas

how to find content ideas Panic!   Your eyes flash open and your pupils dilate as you rise from your sorely-needed sleep in the dead of night. You feel sweat forming in places you’re not used to or comfortable with.   Sound familiar?   This was me. One night not far in the past, I

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What the heck is video personalization?

As digital communication becomes more-and-more pervasive, brands must turn to new ways of escaping the impersonal digital dialogue most people prefer nowadays to establish brand loyalty. New ideas and solutions emerge daily designed to help brands overcome these challenges but leveraging and benefiting from these opportunities are dictated by access to time, talent, or money.

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