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How YouTube stars are using Instagram’s IGTV as a testbed
Instagram’s long-form video platform IGTV has yet to emerge as a legitimate rival to YouTube. However YouTube stars have found[...]
After revenue and viewer hikes, Global doubles Snapchat Shows to six
Media company Global is launching three additional Snapchat Shows in the next month, having grown both revenue and viewers from[...]
Instagram Tweaked Its Policies on Removing Accounts for Content Violations
Instagram is changing its policy on disabling accounts to mirror the rules already in place at parent company Facebook.The photo-[...]
Facebook Stories usage increasing, may boost time spent on social network
People's usage of the ephemeral sharing feature, which lets you share photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, has[...]
How to Gain Audience Trust by … Actually Being Trustworthy – Copyblogger
Audience trust is a huge factor in business success. If people think you’ll do what you say you will, they’re[...]
Facebook’s News Feed ads are changing
Facebook will soon tweak the creative restrictions to ads in its mobile News Feed. The changes will shrink the amount[...]
Twitter’s Conversation Improvement Testing Continues With Icons in Place of Labels
Are icons easier for Twitter users to follow than labels? The social network is about to find out.As part of[...]
Facebook Users Pondered Sustainability in June
The environment was top-of-mind for Facebook users in June, as biodegradation was one of Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch for[...]
Instagram: Here’s How to Report a Comment
As you browse Instagram, you may come across comments (on your own posts or another user’s) that contain spam or[...]
Building a Community in a Changing Social Media World
Could your business benefit from a dedicated community? Wondering where you should build your community? To explore why building community[...]
FaceApp’s a Viral Star—But Its Privacy Policy Has People Worried
FaceApp, which edits a person’s photo to imagine how they might look at an older age, quickly went viral this[...]
Instagram: Here’s How to Share a Disappearing Photo or Video in a Direct Message
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6 foolproof content creation tips to boost your marketing strategy
Buzzwords like ‘content marketing’, ‘content creation strategy’, and ‘content is king’ mean a lot more to businesses today than they[...]
How TikTok is testing in-app e-commerce
To some, TikTok seems like a digital fad. To others, it’s the next wave of social media. Whatever it is,[...]
As Facebook and Instagram ad costs rise, DTC brands find a role for Pinterest
Compared to Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest offers direct-to-consumer brands access to a smaller user base. But, it’s starting to become[...]
Behavioral Shifts In Voice Search Demonstrate Need For SEO
Consumers are shifting their behavior toward using their voice to find answers, albeit slowly.The Voice Assistant SEO Report For Brands[...]
How Facebook is wooing video creators as a reliable source of revenue
Even by Facebook’s own admission, it hasn’t been a reliable revenue generator for publishers. But Facebook hopes that isn’t the[...]
Six Advertising Mistakes Entrepreneurs Often Make On Facebook
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