July 10

Promo Flix: The Various Benefits of Creating a Brand Video


Your brand is what your business is known for; everything you do, both online and offline, can make your brand better known or damage its reputation. If your brand has a good reputation, you will get more business without putting in a lot of effort.

Having a brand video will help you boost your brand significantly. You can have the best social media strategies, content strategies, and brand voice, but having a brand video will really help you succeed.

The Advantages of a Brand Video

1. They Boost Your SEO Capabilities

If you have a video that’s engaging on your website, people will share it with their friends and family. Instead of just sharing the link to your website and expecting people to go to your site, they share a video, and it will have a link. As time goes on, it will grow and grow. When people find your brand video, they will stay to watch and will most likely share it with their friends and family.

2. They Increase Your Traffic

More and more people are watching videos online on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and other sites that are video-based. People will watch and share when you create an engaging, compelling brand video. When they share it, your brand video will grow. People will watch your brand video, and then, when they enter your site, they will see if you have more videos or would want to engage with you by reading your blog, filling out your forms, etc. Your brand video will make you more money every time your video is shared.

3. They Can Be Used For Multiple Purposes

When you create a brand video, you can use it for multiple things. You can use it on your website when you want to display it. You can use it to create a YouTube channel. If you have a blog, you can use it as a blog video on the side of your blog. You can also use it as a standalone video to show on a different platform. You can send it to your email list to build your email list. It’s not a one-time video; you can use it for many things.

4. They Are Affordable to Make

How much is it going to cost you to create a brand video? It depends on how complicated it is and how involved you want to be in the editing. If you have a simple video, you can contact a freelancer for about $500-$1,500, and it will be finished within a day, depending on your script. You can get a nice professional video for $1,500, but if you want to make it really fancy and cool, it’s going to be $3,000-$5,000. You can also use video editing software to make your video. You can start with iMovie, which is included with Macs, or Windows Movie Maker. Both of these programs have great features and will allow you to create a brand video.

5. They Have a Great Return on Investment

If you are on the fence about creating a brand video, you should realize that it’s going to have a great return on investment. You can get a video made for as low as $500, depending on your script, and you’ll have a great return on your investment, especially with the traffic and the SEO. If you get 1,000 visitors from your video each month, that’s $5,000 in twelve months, which is really great.


As you can see, brand videos have many advantages. They can help you get more traffic, increase your SEO capabilities, and boost your brand awareness. If you have time, resources, and team members, you should definitely consider having one made for your business.

You will have a successful brand and business in the long run.

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