Airport Management Council of Ontario

By Thomas Brown | Documentary

Feb 11

As the senior advocate of airport owner and operator organizations in Canada, the Airport Management Council of Ontario (AMCO) has evolved into a strong provincial organization committed to the sustainability of airports nationally. AMCO’s aims are: to represent the interests of the owners and/or operators of airports and aerodromes in the province of Ontario; and, to promote the safe and efficient operation of those airports.

For their advocacy, AMCO wanted a strong, high-quality mini-doc to showcase their mission, partners, and successes across the province. BuzzMasters coordinated with AMCO, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA), the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA), the Town of Laurentian Hills, and independent pilots to create a cohesive and multi-perspective narrative to tell the story of AMCO. 

At these aerodrome sites, BuzzMasters interviewed subjects from each group and acquired shots from each location to be weaved in post-production into a nearly 20-minute long advocacy piece and a 5-minute long short cut to be used as an overview for their website. 


About the Author

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