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4K Aerial Drone Video Services

Take your business video to new heights with our UAV video services.

Site Survey

Survey your site from the sky

Easily survey difficult terrain, reduce survey times, and get improved imagery with UAC/drone technology.

Real Estate

Showcase property and architecture.

An aerial view is a captivating way to show off a stunning property and its surroundings while giving an overview of the residence or building.

Epic Cinematic Landscapes 

Entice your audience with a cinematic establishing shot.

An establishing aerial shot is a fantastic way to set the scene for your video, whether it’s an event venue, a property listing, or an informational video.

Previous Work

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You've got questions, we've got answers.

Are you insured and licensed?

Yes, we are fully insured. Our drone operators have a Transport Canada-issued Advanced UAV Pilot’s License. This licensing requires training and testing to ensure safe operating practices around crowds and structures. The advanced license allows us to legally and safely fly in restricted airspaces and near people. 

What equipment do you use?

Our current UAV is a DJI Phantom 4 with a high resolution 4K camera, capable of capturing crisp, clear imagery with a range of several kilometers.

What are the advantages of drone video?

The main advantage of a drone is obtaining an aerial perspective at a fraction of the cost of hiring a helicopter and camera operator without sacrificing image quality. This bird’s eye view allows you to gain a different perspective on your scene to add visual interest to your videos.

As a survey and analysis tool, drones inspect hard-to-reach places, such as roofs and large structures, while recording video for later review. 

Drones are excellent for easily and quickly getting to and viewing areas that otherwise would be very difficult to access, such as cliff faces or remote areas. 

What is required of me?

We require that a person from your team who is familiar with the site and project requirements be available as a spotter for the drone operator on the day(s) of the shoot.

If you are unable to provide a spotter, please apprise our team as early as possible so we can include a spotter in the project budget and avoid any missed shoot dates for lack of a spotter being available.

What is the flight registration fee?

The flight registration fee is a $50 administrative fee applied to all flights where the desired shoot location is in controlled air space. The fee covers the site survey for obstacles such as terrain, buildings, and power lines, preparation of the flight plan, and the RPAS Flight Operation submission to NAV CANADA.

What type of license do BuzzMasters drone operators carry?

Our drone operators are Advanced Operations Certified Pilots with Transport Canada. 

Advanced Operations Certified Pilots are allowed to:

  • fly in controlled airspace
  • fly over bystanders
  • fly within 30 metres (100 feet) of bystanders (measured horizontally)
  • fly less than 3 nautical miles from a certified airport or a military aerodrome
  • fly less than 1 nautical mile from a certified heliport

Learn more at Transport Canada Flying Your Drone Safely and Legally.


Check out what our customers have to say 

They’re very in tune with the needs of the project

" The most important metric for us as a nonprofit is that the video will serve as support for future applications to get funding from our ministries. We just did two reports last week and the video was included; it’s a key piece and will help us with our center’s ongoing operations."


Executive Director at Small Business Centre


Everything they do is beyond our expectations

" We were supposed to have six months of funding, and we went through it in two months. BuzzMasters assisted us in promoting the program in a very appropriate and aggressive manner; they got the message out there."


Executive Director at Innovation Centre


You just know that the leaders and principals are highly-engaged in the work

" The video for our biggest fundraiser gained thousands of views. There’s obviously an awareness that’s built in the direct amount of traction that they tend to have, based on the approach they take and the work they’re doing."


Education Executive

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