April 25

5 Reasons You Should Add Video to Your Marketing Campaigns


With the rapid growth in the use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and the boom in the use of mobile devices, video content has never been more important. It can be used to promote your business or products, share your expertise, or hold your audience’s attention. There are a number of reasons why video advertising is considered to be such an effective way to market your business online.

So if you want to boost your campaign’s engagement in more ways than one, then adding high-quality videos to your advertising efforts can do wonders in enhancing its appeal and impact. In fact, here are five basic ways how video ads can do more for your campaign:

1. Video Attracts Traffic

Studies show that viewers are twice as likely to click on an online video ad as compared to a text ad. This means that if video ads are part of your campaign, you can expect to draw in more traffic.

2. Video Boosts Sales

Video ads have been found to increase the likelihood of users making a purchase. This is because compelling video ad content can help create an emotional connection between consumers and brands, which in turn, can lead to increased trust, purchase intent, and conversion rates.

3. Video Creates Brand Recognition

Video is a great way to promote your brand and business. It helps spread the word about your company, as well as your products. Video can also be used to educate your customers about your products or services in a visually interesting format, one that is easily digestible, engaging, and memorable.

4. Video Increases Engagement

Video content engages the minds and emotions of viewers in a very versatile way. It’s a great means of telling a story and demonstrating something more vividly. People respond better to video ads because they are able to use their other senses in a more dynamic manner. 

They’re able to view the video, hear what’s being said, and even interact with it. It’s more engaging and personal than static images or text content on a page, thus increasing your campaign’s chance of a good ROI.

5. Video Challenges Your Creativity and Pushes for Innovation

This is where your creative juices can come into play. Video ads can get you thinking outside the box and challenge your creativity. It can push you to come up with more innovative ways of promoting your business and products, and it can make your marketing materials more appealing.

That said, creating a great video ad can be a challenge for many. Knowing how to do it properly can be a skill you need to learn, which is why it pays to know what makes for a good video ad. For starters, video content should be a great reflection of your brand.

It should be short and concise, and it should fit your audience’s interests and needs. When it comes to actually produce the video, experts recommend using a combination of appealing visuals, catchy music, and clear pronunciation of words. Using a combination of motion graphics and text can improve the message’s clarity and impact.

The Bottom Line: How Video is the Future of Marketing 

There’s no reason why the next marketing campaign you plan for your business should not include video ads. Many people today have become so accustomed to watching videos on different devices and sites, that they will automatically click on a video ad, provided that they are sufficiently captivated by what they see in the video.

The bottom line is that video ads can do a lot more for your campaign. They can generate more traffic, boost sales, and give your brand more exposure. Moreover, video ads can be creative, innovative, and even make for good content marketing. You just have to know how to make the best out of your video ad.

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