buzzmasters thomas brown founder brand strategist marketing technologist managing partner
buzzmasters brandon beach founder editor producer director
buzzmasters aaron martini producer director editor
buzzmasters morgan sager graphic designer
buzzmasters colin ziraldo producer
shane miljevic buzzmasters video production commercial content marketing north bay ontario canada


The BuzzMasters holding up their finger guns back-to-back at The Mayor's Casino Royale event in North Bay Ontario in October 2017. Pictured are Thomas Brown, Brandon Beach, and Ryen Veldhuis.

The BuzzMasters story begins with the core concepts of innovation and collaboration. Under the shared direction of Thomas Brown, Brandon Beach, and Ryen Veldhuis, BuzzMasters.ca has worked to build on the rising potential of North Bay as a business hub in the North. The trio, with experiential skills in digital strategy, content creation, and marketing respectively, came together with the idea of collaborating with their complementary expertise, fostering a positive business environment within their community, and supporting other entrepreneurs. 

Together, they strategize and execute creative approaches to marketing and events, their boots on the ground, capturing and sharing content, engaging audiences and promoting their community.

The collaborative model is not only important for the success of BuzzMasters.ca, but is important to the three as an ideological framework to share with other rising businesses in North Bay. There is a lot of buzz on the horizon, and the team at BuzzMasters.ca hopes to capture and share all of it.


buzzmasters thomas brown founder brand strategist marketing technologist managing partner


Thomas Brown is an entrepreneur and a number-driven digital marketing expert with more than ten years of industry expertise helping companies scale revenue, optimize sales and marketing processes, and improve productivity. With his ventures in digital marketing, Thomas is helping clients cut through the digital clutter to conquer their online niche.


Ryen has developed his rhetorical and marketing applications as a wordsmith and tactical developer, possessing a mind for stories and voices. He’s aware of what is needed to get the attention of an audience and how to reach the ears of many more. His ability to craft a consistent voice and message has been crucial to building brands.

buzzmasters brandon beach founder editor producer director


Brandon has developed an eye for creativity, armed with his array of content capturing tools; he specializes in painting events and promotions in the right light, conveying the emotions and captivating the audiences. His precise attention to detail has been vital in refining digital content to provide an outstanding experience for audiences.