January 6

Abby Cook


5-stars! “Earlier this year I got to see the video that BuzzMasters put together with the North Bay Business Centre that focused on the women entrepreneurs in our city. I had just been offered a consulting position with a tourism business, that gave me the freedom to do something else if I wanted to. I had been toying with the idea of opening a tourism operation business for a while but was feeling intimidated. When I watched the video though, it sparked something in me; I felt like I could make my dream possible and that I had the resources and support in my community to make that happen. Two days later, I met with the Business Centre and registered my business, Explore North Bay.

BuzzMasters is excellent at capturing feelings and delivering them in a meaningful and brilliant way. They truly care about their community, as evident through their Northern Resiliency Initiative. Whether you want to capture your wedding through video, You want to create a branded business video, or get creative with a documentary, there is no one I’d recommend to capture that for you, than BuzzMasters.”

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