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86% of businesses already use video as a marketing tool and 99% of them intend to continue using it.  

Multimedia Production Services

Whether you're trying to attract and retain top talent, or looking to build awareness and desire around your brand, BuzzMasters video production services can you share more of your story.

Corporate & Brand Video

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool and more than 

99% of people who use video for marketing say they’ll continue using video in 2021.

Whether you need a simple video for social media or a large scale brand documentary video production, BuzzMasters has the experience and expertise necessary.

What do you need:

  • Explainer video
  • Social media video
  • A video presentation or webinar
  • Sales videos
  • Customer support videos
  • Video advertisements
  • Brand documentary
  • Event coverage
  • Case studies and testimonial videos
  • Corporate social responsibility videos
  • Company culture and behind-the-scenes videos
  • Video press releases
  • Public service announcement videos
  • Recruitment videos
  • Training and educational videos
  • And many more... Connect with us to get a customized video content audit!

Documentary Video

People are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other type of content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles and product pages.

Telling a story with sensitivity is key if we're going to bring awareness to important issues. BuzzMasters has produced multiple documentaries.

Real Estate Video

85% of people would like to see more video from brands in 2021.

BuzzMasters offers a range of services to help builders, renovators, brokers, agents, property managers, landlords, and private owners to rent, sell, or memorialize real estate.

We provide:

  • Real estate photography
  • Real estate video
  • Drone video
  • Matterport 3D / Virtual reality scans

Wedding Video

98% of brides say you should definitely get a videographer.

Our goal is to capture your big day in great detail so we can give you all the media products you could ever want to share it and remember it.

We provide:

  • Two-person team
  • Full day service
  • Turn-around time
  • Dress to impress


  • Feature length cut (~20 minutes)
  • Highlight reel
  • Raw toasts
  • Frame gallery
  • A super top secret gift we can't wait to suprise you with!


The right people

Anybody can shoot a video nowadays but it takes real talent to dress a set, refine lighting, get the camera angles right, and produce a video that has a narrative consistent with your objectives. BuzzMasters finds, qualifies, and develops our region's best video production talent.

The right skills

Discovering talented video production professionals is exciting but BuzzMasters also prides itself on being a place for talent video professionals to grow by providing learning opportunities and access to learning platforms to all the video production professionals on our team.

The right tools

Everybody has a camera in their pocket these days but BuzzMasters distinguished video quality is derived from our ever-growing arsenal of cinematic-quality video production equipment.

The right processes

You need your video products on time which is why we use the #1 project management and communications platform to manage our video production projects.


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Executive Director at iion

Everything they do is beyond our expectations. They’re a delight to work with. They also care about the community and aren’t just there to make money — they want to make a difference. They’re capitalistic as well as social entrepreneurs, and we have a lot of respect for them. Everything they do is done well. They’ve done extremely well on all of our projects and exceeded our expectations.



  • Better project management
  • Better collaboration
  • Better customer experience


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I couldn’t have been happier with the results and with what the BuzzMasters team did. Even more so, I got to know some of the BuzzMasters team through the making of my promotional videos and the launch and here’s another thing about them all: these are stand-up, young professionals. I was really impressed by their view on life, their personal ethics, and their bigger dreams of what they want to do. 

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