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7 Tips For Video Storytelling In 2021


buzzmasters blog seven 7 tips for video storytelling in 2021

Did you know that a great story can easily communicate the entire personality of a brand in under five minutes

While your data-driven bulleted paragraph or PowerPoint may have the necessary factual information, it may not be enough to give your brand a competitive advantage over others in the industry. To be able to connect with your intended audience, you need to think, feel and speak their language. You need to be able to creatively breakdown abstract ideas to connect, inspire, and bring together a group of people. This is why 2021 has been dubbed the tech-savvy year of creative, innovative, and highly industrious video storytelling. 

However, to ensure effective emotional marketing it is important to utilize the right storytelling tools and techniques. To help you get started, we have put together a list of the essential tips for video storytelling:

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Adjust Your Perspective

One of the most important things to consider when putting together a storyline is the target audience. Your intended message must resonate with your audience to achieve your marketing goals. Click To Tweet In other words, you need to personalize the storytelling video to match your audience. For starters, it is a good idea to flip the script. Your primary purpose is to sell a brand that you have been told is the “best” and that itself makes you biased. However, the majority of your viewership may not hold the same view. Thus, try approaching your brand’s underlying ideology from the perspective of the buyer. For instance, if you are selling a children’s learning resource, you may want to make it kid-centric. 

Build Upon an Emotional Element

Building your storyline around an emotional element will make you memorable, relatable, and reliable. Emotions drive people towards action. Click To Tweet For example, a charitable organization may use destitute women and children as actors. Thus, as you start your video storytelling journey, incorporate the emotion you want people to leave with from the get-go. That means, literally every aspect of your video from props to lighting to backdrop needs to emit that emotion as authentically as possible. For instance, to elicit sadness, you can have a grayscale theme. There are certain universal emotions that elicit certain actions:

  • Sadness evokes a charitable action of giving.
  • Happiness evokes spreading or sharing
  • Anger or contempt can cause virality
  • Worry or fear evoke devotion

Incorporate Humor Into the Storyline

In a world capitalizing on fear and sadness, a bit of humor can go a long way in ensuring a fortuitous memory. When you evoke feelings of happiness and joy, you are automatically creating a positive image of your brand. Humor does not necessarily have to be direct and conniving. It can be embedded into the message and have a subtle hint of irony. Humor can be incorporated in several ways, hence, be creative and think outside the box.

Visuals Matter

Always remember, you have under three minutes to get your message across to the audience. These three minutes are critical and need to utilize essential sensory modalities such as sight and hearing. Find unusual ways to get your message across. Click To Tweet For instance:

  • Colours can elicit emotions. Eg. red can lead to excitement
  • Camera angles and production techniques
  • Supporting audio through sound effects
  • Interesting props including clothing

Short and Punchy

Don’t forget you are on the clock. Besides, people do not have the patience, time nor attention span to focus on your storytelling video for longer than a minute and a half. Thus, make sure you utilize your time effectively. Short and snappy content ideas can help convey your message faster and more efficiently than long and boring.

One At a Time

A key video storytelling technique is to make sure you are focusing on one storytelling plot at a time. By trying to include more than one stories at once, you may evoke some of the following which may prove counterproductive for your brand’s reputation:

  • An information overload
  • Confusing double messages
  • Contradictions in the message being conveyed
  • Incoherently unfolding the message 

Practice, Revise Repeat

If you think the first idea that comes to you is the best one, then think again. A simple mantra to get by includes practicing and revising your storyboard or storyline multiple times till you have a plethora of ways to convey the message. There are always endless possibilities thus try following some of these to help you reach your optimal content:

  • Remove the apparent and most obvious things
  • Have brainstorming sessions with different people
  • Empower your team members so they share ideas without filters
  • Do market research
  • Have visual storyboards for a better sense of clarity


All video storytelling tools and techniques usually have one thing in common: engagement. Thus, choosing the right tools to ensure high engagement rates should be a top priority when putting together a storytelling video. From visuals, and perspective to brand reputation and conversion rates, the underlying message of a storytelling video should be engaging, captivating, and informing.

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