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7 Reasons Why Your Advertising Strategy Needs Video Marketing


Since the rise of social media, faster internet connections, and faster download speeds, video content became a crucial part of the internet. This form of entertainment conveyed more information to users, making it more engaging. Veteran marketers noticed the potential of this engaging graphical content, and online video marketing became an essential part of a business’s video advertising strategy. 

A video advertising strategy became an excellent medium for educating users, delivering vital information, and communicating with subscribers. 

In return, this form of marketing produced many benefits, including higher conversion rates, improved brand awareness, and more sales. If you plan to launch a marketing campaign shortly, this article will provide the top reasons why you should incorporate video marketing in your strategy. 

1. Videos Provide More Conversions and Sales

It’s already a proven concept that videos help a business boost conversions and sales. Using visual content is the best way to help customers make a buying decision. In fact, 80% of users think seeing a product or service being demonstrated on video helps them make a purchasing decision. 

This mode of conveying information is essential because it engages most of the viewer’s senses, compared to reading a text or viewing an image. Viewers also retain information better, since a good video can engage them on an emotional level. By engaging viewers emotionally, a product or service can leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s minds.

Over 75% of online video consumption comes from mobile users alone. Since smartphones allow users to communicate with their friends on the go, interesting videos can become viral quickly. 

While there aren’t hard and fast rules on how to create a viral video, a good video will be more widely shared if it knows the audience it wants to reach. If your target audience loves the video and finds it creative, they’re more likely to share it with people outside of your target audience. This is an excellent way to organically grow your audience. As long as you’re passionate about your product or service and your videos are well put together, you’ll still expand your audience.  

3. Videos are Optimized for Google’s Search Engine

Google absolutely loves video content, especially YouTube videos. As a result, YouTube videos are more likely to end up first in Google’s search results. This revelation indicates that search engines are interested in providing more value to their users and prioritize videos as a result.

Of course, YouTube videos aren’t your only option. It’s important to note that sites are ranked based on the page’s optimization and how much engagement it receives from viewers. Therefore, users that spend most of their time on your website watching your video are indirectly signaling to Google that it’s a worthwhile platform. 

It’s also worth noting that blog posts are no exception to this benefit; a blog with a video is three times more likely to rank higher on search pages. Essentially, including a reasonably long video in the post will result in more user engagement and visibility. 

4. Videos Build Confidence

In brick and mortar stores, the possibility of a customer buying your offering is high since they can physically engage with the product. Unfortunately, online shopping doesn’t allow customers the same luxury.

In order to prevent this problem, videos are employed as a way to engage more of the viewer’s senses, enabling them to absorb and digest information without touching the item. Data from Google reveals that 50% of internet users search for videos on their desired product or service before dedicating their hard-earned money. 

Videos are an effective catalyst for building trust with prospects and establishing brand superiority and reliability.

5. Videos Showcase Your Product or Service Better

As previously stated, customers are more likely to purchase products that have a video attached to them. However, you don’t want to ramble on for too long; you can actually convey a very compelling message in just under five minutes. Instead of creating an overly-long, bloated video that lists every feature and benefit your product or service offers, break things down into smaller chunks.

This has several benefits for you. First, it prevents you from running out of video ideas too early, so you’ll have plenty of future video topics lined up. This also means you’ll be able to dive deeper into one particular aspect of your product in a way that’s not possible to do in an engaging way in other mediums. Viewers will be more likely to watch your videos all the way through and to come back for more content in the future.

6. Mobile Users Prefer Video

Approximately 50% of internet traffic originates from smartphones, making them an essential part of the internet. A further 90% of internet users admit to viewing animations and similar content on the web over reading or looking at pictures. 

Therefore, incorporating video marketing into your strategy makes you more visible to a large portion of the internet, getting you more eyeballs on your product or service. Keep in mind that some platforms are more preferable for video ads. On YouTube and Instagram, for example, viewers are conditioned to expect ads, so putting your videos on YouTube and Instagram is a great place to start.

7. Videos Build an Emotional Connection With Your Audience

One essential way to get prospects to patronize your business is to have them invested emotionally in your offering. Fortunately, videos are perfect for this task as they’re useful for telling stories in ways that cannot be accomplished via text or images. By eliciting emotions through video, you can compel your viewers to act. 

You may also show your audience “behind the scenes” footage, which reveals your business’s human side. This human connection strengthens the emotional bond between you and the viewer, increasing customer loyalty.

Video Editing: An Essential Part of Video Marketing

Videos play an undeniably essential role in marketing, and today’s technology makes this method possible. Video converts more viewers into buyers by building loyalty and trust between businesses and their consumers. Well-made videos can also spread quickly, especially if they engage their audience, showcase the product well, and make use of the technology available to them. 

The market is continually changing, and strategies that were once dominant may be left behind. Such is the case with video marketing. It was once a luxury; now, it’s a necessity.

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