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6 Reasons Your Next Recruitment Campaign Needs Video

If you’re still not considering the use of video in your recruitment campaigns in 2021, then you’re missing out. The truth is, poor job advertisement processes turn off prospective candidates. If you’re a brand or business looking to capture the interest of quality candidates, you’ll need a recruitment campaign that will capture their interests.

Generally, you’ll be drawing your candidates from the same pool of talents as your competitors. That’s why it’s essential to make your recruitment campaigns attractive to potential candidates. How do you achieve this? Make sure your recruitment campaign stands out from the pack.

Do Videos Really Help With Recruitment?

Videos can help you make a positive first impression on your candidates. It lets you represent your business in a compelling way and allows you to shape their perspective of your business. Apart from that, videos can also be put to use throughout the entire recruitment process to deliver an enhanced candidate experience

If you’ve never included a video in your recruitment campaigns, you’re definitely limiting the potential of your job ads. Here, we’ll be presenting a few reasons why your next recruitment campaign needs a video. Let’s get started:

1. Videos Boost Your Online Exposure

Incorporating video into your recruitment campaign will boost your online exposure. When you boost your Search Engine Optimization efforts, you’re increasing the chances that potential candidates will find you online. As reported by Brightcove, videos are capable of increasing your organic traffic by 157%, especially from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Incorporating videos as part of your recruitment campaign ranks your company higher on search engines. Google loves video too!

2. Videos Reach More Candidates

Video can help your recruitment campaign reach more candidates

Videos are 12 times more likely to be shared when compared to images and text combined. Amazing, right? If you include video in your recruitment campaigns, there is a high likelihood of getting more eyeballs on your job advertisements. 

3. Videos Boosts Your Employer Branding Strategy

If you are looking for one of the most effective tools to capture the hearts and minds of prospective candidates, videos are perfect. While videos can effectively tell your brand story, you can also use videos to promote your company’s values.

Videos also showcase your company culture, and gives your prospects a glimpse into everyday life at your workplace.  Try to incorporate stories from the employees at your company and showcase an entire workday from beginning to end. This will give potential employees a clearer picture of not only what their day will look like but how it feels to work with you. 

4. Videos Save Time

Recruitment campaigns with video help you to quickly attract more quality talent for your job openings. More importantly, including videos in your recruitment campaign helps you get more applicants in the space of a short time. 

The other benefit is that you’ll get fewer dud candidates while increasing the number of quality candidates that may not have bothered applying at all. What exactly does that mean? Well, say you require candidates to have “five years of experience.” As you probably already know, this requirement isn’t generally a hard-and-fast rule. Instead, it’s a baseline for you and your potential candidates to work off of. 

Where do problems come in? You may get candidates who technically have five years of experience in your industry, but not for the specific role you’re looking for. To make things even worse, you may have candidates who only have three years of experience in the industry deciding not to apply, but those three years were spent in a role that more closely matches the role you’re seeking to fill. 

With video, you can showcase exactly what the role will entail. This will help clarify the job description for candidates, and may encourage talented candidates who may not have applied to try reaching out. As a result, you spend less time sifting through candidates who aren’t a good fit for the role simply because they misunderstood the job requirements. 

5. Videos Save Money

Videos can save you on time and money

Recruitment campaigns with videos tend to record more shares, views, likes, and increased application rates, which means you can invest less in other forms of advertisement. While you may not necessarily want to forgo other forms of job advertising altogether, using video means you can do more with less.

6. Videos Show Off Your Company Culture

Your company culture is what defines you. Candidates don’t only want a job. They want to belong to an organization that drives them towards personal and professional growth. Candidates want to work somewhere enjoyable that makes it worthwhile for them to show up every day.

When incorporated in your recruitment campaigns, video content provides candidates with a glimpse of your company culture. This allows them to decide if what they want matches what you offer.

Video: The Best Way to Attract Quality Candidates

Videos enhance your company’s ability to attract quality candidates, who in turn boost your business’s performance. With video, you’ll quickly attract the attention of your ideal candidates, boost your job application rate, increase your online exposure, and present your employer brand in an engaging and captivating way.

Have you ever used video content in your recruitment campaigns? Do you have more ideas on how incorporating a video into job advertisements can benefit your recruitment campaigns? Share your opinion in the comments section. If you’re trying to attract and retain top talent or looking to create awareness for your brand, BuzzMasters’ video production services are here to help you share more of your story. 

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