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buzzmasters why its important to include your teams faces in brand videos
May 25

Why it’s so important to show your team’s faces in brand videos

By Thomas Brown | Attract & retain top talent , Blog , Build brand awareness & desire , Create awareness , Enhance your brand , Marketing , Social Media

One of the many changes a worldwide pandemic ushered into the marketing world focuses on the individual and their story. Hearing and telling one’s story has become an effective strategy to cope with the almost universal suffering. By zeroing on individual experiences, the human face has become a symbol of survival and has enabled us to become connected in ways we never expected.

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buzzmasters tech and technique light and colour
May 11

Tech & Technique: Light & Colour

By Jenny Lamothe | Become a better creator , Blog , Production , Tech & Technique

It’s easy to get caught up in a great video. One that captures your senses from the moment the picture appears on screen and holds you until the very last credit roles. With any luck, you might just be thinking of what you’ve seen as you go about the following days, the concepts, ideas or even pure enjoyment marinating in your brain for the days following.

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